Friday, 24 February 2017


A Caning For Shelagh.

The pretty teenagers inability to keep out of trouble lands her in hot water.

NO! NO! NO!  Shelagh's pale face was red, not dad, no not that please,

she was begging pleading, not the sullen rebel but a scared young woman,

not far off tears,

sit down Shelagh, mum indicated the single bed, Shelagh sat for once obeying her mum with out a

protracted argument,

Shelagh you know you deserve chastisement and I'm not going to wait two weeks until I get this sling

off, she indicated her wrist,

her teenage daughter was not far off tears,

it was not uncommon for fathers to punish their daughters, tho mum didn't agree with men hitting

teenage girls,

you know your dad loves you to bits he is only agreeing to cane you at my behest,

it will only be six on your bottom, on your skirt it will be over in seconds,

Oh! I suppose so,

that's good Shelagh I appreciate you accepting your punishment,

where's dad? the pretty dark haired girl asked, he's gone to the garden shed to select a cane,

 a nice thick heavy one,

I hope it hasn't got soil on it Shelagh said sullenly,

don't be silly,

Kathy and Jeff had agreed a heavy cane that bruised more would be better than a thin swishy one,

a tentative knock on the door, oh come in Jeff ,  Kathy said,

the tall slim sandy haired man entered the small bedroom, ha carried the bamboo cane,

the schoolgirl gulped it was actually happening,

he avoided looking at his daughter,

without more ado, Kathy indicated the wooden upright chair.

to scared now to disobey or make some sarcastic remark Shelagh quickly draped herself over the

back of the chair, palms of her small pale hands on the seat of the chair,

for a slimly built young woman she had a surprisingly well rounded bottom,

and a soon to be a very sore one,

her navy blue school skirt was tightly stretched over her teenage bottom,

mum stood by ready to hold down her daughter if she tried to jump up,

Jeff had a lump in his throat, his first born short and dark haired,

so much like his wife when they first met,

he steeled himself, gripping the bamboo rod tightly he raised his arm and took aim there was a

terrific crack as the cane hit Shelagh's bottom,

Kathy flinched, she was surprised how hard her husband hat hit Shelagh,

and even more surprised that the girls only response had been a low moan,

thwack! once more the tall fair haired man brought the cane down on to his daughters bottom,

swish! a third terrifically hard stroke to his daughters bottom,

the teenager yelped,

a high pitched squeal as the bamboo rod once more struck the seat of her tightly stretched school


the pretty dark haired teenager was grinding her toes into the carpet, sobbing softly,

she yelped as the cane struck her proffered bottom for the fifth time,

adjusting his stance,

the all fair-haired man raised the cane high and smashed it down on the thin material of his teenage

daughters school skirt,

this savage blow elicited a scream of pain from the pretty schoolgirl,

he nodded grimly to his wife and left the small bedroom,

mum took her distraught daughter in her arms, normally the sullen teenager would spurn any sign of

maternal affection from her mum, but in her distressed state, she welcomed her mums loving arms,

still holding the sobbing teenager, she heard the back door looking out she saw her husband stride in

to the narrow back garden he flung the cane as far as he could it landed in the privet hedge,

with a shaking hand he lit a cigarette, taking a long pull on the white tube,

here lie on the bed love, mum said in a soft voice,

gently leading her chastised and chastened daughter to the small single bed,

she gently laid the sobbing teenager face down, "shall I help you undress?  no mum just leave me.

 Shelagh said thru her gasping sobs, she thrust her tear streaked face into the pillow,

she was sobbing quietly as mum left the small back bedroom,

The End.

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