Friday, 31 March 2017

The Seance.

                                        THE SEANCE.

And Its Aftermath.

The Old Creepy House.

It has seemed like a lark after the session on the Ouija Board,  lets go to that spooky " Old Creepy

House" as the local teenagers called the old detached property near the cemetery,

it was run down, appeared deserted,

hearing a noise they screamed and made  dash for it, one girl a slim teenager stumbled almost fell,

she was caught pulled upright by strong arms,

Clair was terrified she relaxed somewhat on realising her captor was a tall slim woman with long

black hair,

Do you know who I am? the woman asked,

Morticia? the girl said in a quivery voice,  she reeled backwards, put her hand to her face,

a red hand print glowing on her left cheek, from where the strange woman had slapped her face with

terrific force,

"don't you ever call me that stupid name you ignorant little trollop,,

I'm no trollop,I'm still a virgin Claire said firmly,  at your age more fool you, the woman retorted,

well! what shall I do with you,

frogmarch you to the police station, two years in the girls borstal at Widgeons Point might teach you

respect for other peoples property,

we weren't stealing, just exploring "the old creepy house"

how dare you, this is my family home,

what will your parents think of your actions, my mums in a sanatorium,

dads really busy he never bothers with me,

perhaps if I speak to him he will let me take you under my wing,

rather than having you arrested and sent to borstal,

well oh! yes that's ok with me, Claire said without any enthusiasm,

come then tell me your address and we will see him, get in the car,

they arrive at Claire's home,

Claire's father seemed more baffled than angry, when informed of his daughter's misbehaviour,

breaking into a house you say. I thought you told me you were stopping overnight at Becky's to do

some revision, the woman laughed you don't know much about teenage girls do you Mr. K.

it was agreed Claire would live with Miss Hazel Rowan  as the woman called her self,

back at the "old house"  you will call this house home from now on not silly teenage nicknames,

understand,  ur, em,  yes miss,

you will call me Hazel the woman rasped yes Claire said quietly,

Claire was shown to her room, it had bare walls a generally Spartan appearance,

I could put up some posters brighten it up a bit Claire said trying to lift her gloom,

Posters are you a complete idiot, I will not have my walls damaged by pictures of pop singers,

this is your room and you must keep it tidy or else,

Friday evening after our meal you will dust and then vacuum your room,

I normally go out with friends to the Coach House and then the disco at Fitz Allen village hall,

you will not go near licensed premises understand   "I'm eighteen" no you're seventeen you will


my rules or suffer the consequences, you won't be jiving and contorting in  a skimpy top and mini-

skirt with the rest of those trollops,

that's not fair,

do they have corporal punishment at your school, not really you can get the slipper but that's just for


I was told that all girls are subject to the same rules, yeah! but it don't happen often,

well as you are now being home schooled by me you will  be subject to corporal


oh get lost you creep. Claire spat out and immediately regretted it, 

I'm sorry she mumbled staring at the carpet,

well Claire my dear you've just earned yourself your first spanking, let me see where is the big old

slipper, she rummaged and soon produced a size eleven plimsoll.

Claire gulped, was this really happening, bend over the chair and stay  in position

she hissed,

 Claire bent over the chair, the strange woman looked the girl up and down liking what she saw,

slim and short she looked younger than nearly eighteen,

she smiled at the teenagers pale blue blouse and extremely short navy-blue pleated mini-skirt,

Claire bent over the back of the upright chair as indicated by "Morticia" her skirt rode up clear of her

surprisingly plump bottom,

Claire bending for the slipper.

her tiny  panties left much of her milky white orbs bare,

Claire in position to receive a slippering.

ideal the lady though with a grin which  quickly turned to a snarl as she lashed the sole of the gym

shoe against the teenage schoolgirls left cheek,

she continued to lash the enourmous plimsoll against the teenagers bottom,

Claire yelped and yowled it was agony, her bottom felt on fire she couldn't hold back her tears,

at last  it was over,

but a further shock was in store for the pretty schoolgirl,

" And now young lady you're going over my lap for a real old fashioned Wiccan spanking,"

"Morticia" rasped in a harsh voice,

"oh! no! Claire was mortified, hadn't she suffered enough,

                                                Claire receives an over the knee spanking.

that's not fair I've already had the slipper, the girl said in a whiney, pleading voice,

yes indeed you have had the slipper, and now you are going to have your silly little bottom spanked

until my hand hurts and let me warn you I have a very hard hand your spoilt little backside will be

blazing hot, red raw glowing like a sunset long before my hand tires,

I will have you sobbing till your eyes run dry, you will learn respect for the old religion,

lets get this ridiculous mini-skirt of yours out of the way and we can lose the panties she hissed,

pushing the teenagers skirt clear of Claire's bottom she hooked two fingers in to the

waistband of the tiny cotton panties and yanked them unceremoniously to mid thigh,

smack! ouch!

see how you like this, you disobedient little madam, the tall lady hissed venomously,

if this was  "a real old fashioned Wiccan spanking" Claire didn't like it one little bit,

she yelped again as Morticia continued smacking her bare bottom with all her might,

her bottom already throbbing from her slippering was now in agony,

the sound of "Morticias" bare palm smacking down on the poor teenagers bare bottom echoed

off the bare walls, a very satisfying sound the woman thought,

the hapless teenagers chastisement went on for what seemed to Claire to be an eternity,

at last it was over, Claire stood and sobbed her eyes out,

not caring that her panties were around her ankles, she howled it was agony,

get to bed now girl the woman hissed as the door slammed,

to scared to disobey Claire stripped naked and pulled on the itchy white cotton nightgown,

she lay face down on the hard narrow bed, her pillow was soon soaked with her bitter tears,

The End. 

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