Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Day Of The Tawse.


Morag looked at the three other girls who had been summoned to the deputy headmistresses office,

they waited in the corridor as instructed,

Mrs.McLoan arrived shook her head at the sight of the quartet, in trouble again. McKinnon she

sneered not that I'm aware of miss the short dark haired girl replied,

well see won't we,  the sour faced old bat replied and entered the heads study,

the door opened come in girls,  the four girls trooped into the study they had all been there many a

time before, to receive a telling off or to be given lines to write out,

ah! what have we here four of the most badly behaved girl in the school,

they all wore white blouses with striped tie,and grey skirts, all of them shorter in length than

schhoolrules demanded,

well the wee lassies back in my study,misbehaving again,causing disruption,messing about in class

and wearing mini-skirts, "theyre hardly minis, Morag interjected adding a sullen miss to her


ah! there we go young Miss McKinnon,  always the smart backchat,

well you will be pleased to know there will be no lines for you to write out,

the govenors in consultation with the teaching staff and parents have decided that the unruly element

that is dragging the school down must be nipped in the bud once and for all,

our collective wisdom is that the reintroduction of the tawse is the best solution,

your joking a tall slim girl with long blonde hair,blurted out no Moira we are not joking,

and you four will be the lucky recipients of the newly arrived tawse,

it will only be used by myself and Mrs.McLoan,

tho traditionally the tawse has been administered to the culprits hands,

but taking into account you have exams coming up and will need your writing hands in good

condition therefore the tawse will be administered to your bottoms,

I want to speak to my mam, Maggie the skinny red head said almost crying,

all of your parents have been consulted and all have given their full approval of your forth coming


yeah! they would wouldn't they Morag sneered yes and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a

belting when you get home that goes for all of you,

all four girls have indicated their sullen acceptance of their fate,

we should have been warned of this happening, an announcement in assembly.

so if you knew of the new disciplinary regime you would have improved your behaviour?

yes Morag said with a shrug, your honest anyway I'll say that for you,

the tawse was now on the Deputy Headmistresses  desk it looked scary, thick leather and twin forks

at the business end,

well McKinnon as de facto leader of this little gang perhaps you should go first,

bend over the desk she did so Mrs.McLoan held her down pressing on her shoulders, the Deputy

Headmistress flexed the heavy duty tawse a few times,McLoan pulled the short dark haired

schoolgirls skirt well clear of her bottom, she was wearing the navy blue school briefs,

Morag bends for the tawse.

Morags navy blue school knickers are on display.

get ready lassie,the deputy headmistress hissed,she adjusted her position and brought the tawse down

on the teenagers bottom,

the crack it made on impact with Morag's bottom must have been heard all over the school.

the schoolgirls scream must have been heard in the next town,

she quickly lashed the leather strap once more across the schoolgirls bottom,

Morag yelped the initial shock had worn off, she was sobbing quietly, giving little yelps at the next

couple of strokes of the tawse,

a louder cry as the fifth and sixth strokes landed across her plump bottom,

well done, Morag the deputy head said sofly as McLoan helpred her to stand, the teenager was

sniffing tears streaked her plump rosy cheeked face, she managed to speak,

you were very brave Morag, please miss the girl said thru her sobs and gasps, please miss can you

spare the others.Im sure they've learned a lesson seeimg me get a belting,

that's very generous of you after you have took a heck of a belting,she looked at her colleague,

she nodded, ok you three go back to your class and take heed behave or else,

your parents will be informed that you were not chastised today as planned,

and they can punish youse as they see fit,

yes miss thank you they chorused and scooted away as quick as they could,

c'mon Morag I'll run you home and I'll tell your mother what a brave wee lassie you are,

I'd rather crawl she thought but kept quiet, getting away an hour early, and in a car won't take long,

                                                             Morag bends for the tawse.

At home Morag ran upstairs to her room flinging the door shut, she burst intio a flood of tears,

wracked with sobs worse than the tears she shed after having her pantie clad bottom  tawsed,

McLone explained to Morags mum that her daughter had had a terricic belting and did not deserve

another good hiding,

the chastened school girl was called down to the lounge,

you wont be getting a belting from me this time but you better watch your step in future,

yes mum , the tearful teenager said in a whisper,

ok, go and get changed for tea,

Maggie (the skinny redhead)

Well your the clever one, her mums first words as the slim redhead entered the kitchen on her return

from school,

I herar your pal got the belt " yes mam, it was awful she was hit really hard she was sobbing her heart


save your sympathy for yourself not that impudent little madam,you are in for the biggest hiding of

your spoit little life, get upstairs now, you may have escaped chastisement at the high school,

but you wont go scott free my fine wee wean,

Maggie trotted up the stairs she didn't dare defy her mother,

she realised she was in foer a torrid time, or at least her bottom was,

her mam plonked her self in the wooden backed chair she held the heavy wooden backed hairbrush in

her right hand, she indicated for her daughter to go across her lap,

oh! mam I'm fifteen not five,  five seconds to get over my knee or I'll take your breeks down,

Maggie did as she was bid,

five minutes later she was lying face down on her bed, sobbing her eyes out, easing down her panties

to let the cool air ease her battered and bruised bottom,


The End.

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