Monday, 24 July 2017



Gabby agreed with her mum that she deserved punishment, she was very lucky the headmaster has

allowed her mum to discipline her rather than expel her from the girls high school,

tho she was seventeen going on eighteen she expected her mums chastisement would be physical in


she imagined her mum would give her a rollicking grab her by the sctruff of her neck administer a

few wallops to her backside,

therefore she was surprised to discover her mums punishment was of a more formal nature,

sent to her room the upright chair was in the only clear space in the tiny back bedroom,

her mum followed the teenager into the room,

plonking her self in the chair she indicated for her daughter to stand at her right knee,

 "skirt" she rasped,

startled Gabby quickly pulled the hem of her knee length black school skirt up to her waist,

she wouldn't dare to disobey a parental command,

The slim dark haired teenager gulped at the sight of the floral mule in her mothers right hand,

that hard ridged black plastic sole would kill, no soft soled fluffy slipper then,

her mum quiclkly guided her daughter over her knee,long dark hair cascading to the carpet her bare

toes digging in to the carpet,

her mum looked with satisfaction on her girls nicely rounded bottom barely covered by the pale blue

lacy panties,

ideal for the chastisement to come, Gabby would come to regret ignoring her mums instructions to

wear decent knickers for school,

thwack! eeeccchhh!  the first hard spank with the mule, elicited a satisfying sound both from her

daughters bottom and her mouth,

taking careful aim mum smacked the slipper down hard on her daughters left cheek.

then the right aiming for the centre of each of her errant daughters cheeks,

squeals of anguish from the pretty teenager,

six per cheek, Gabby was howling already,

 but worse was to come her mum was barely started on the chastisement of her daughter,

she realised this would be the last time she spanked her petulant teenager,

a lying,devious little madam who needed taken down a peg or two,

her daughters decision to accept punishment at home in lieu of being expelled from school had

been a gift from heaven to her frustrated and angry mum,

she had the teenage schoolgirl right where she wanted her,

over her knee, skirt hiked up and tiny flimsy panties no protection from the black plastic ridged

sole of the floral mule,

squirming sobbing begging for mercy,

thwack!thwack! Gabby squealed as her mum cracked the slipper down on the bare segments of

booth bottom cheeks

mum liked the sound of the sole hitting bare flesh,

concentrating on the reddened bare skin she lashed the mule down with a degree of venom,

ignoring her daughters gasping sobs and incoherent pleas for mercy she pushed her cardigan sleeve

further up her arm,

it was time for one last flurry she launched a series of ferocious spanks to her teenagers already

battered and bruised bottom,the bare skin was glowing like a sunset,at last Gabbys' ordeal was at an


dropping the floral mule to the bedroom floor,she took deep breaths,

she surveyed the schoolgirls bottom with satisfaction,

not so clever and sophisticated now was she, mum thought unkindly,

well the disobedient little minx had gotten what she thoroughly deserved,

she had been taught a well deserved lesson,

dragged to her feet, the teenager was unsteady,  tears pouring down her face mascara making black

streaks down her pretty face now contorted in pain, she wouldn't sit comfortably for days,

the teenager was gasping for breath, disorientated mum guided her to the narrow single bed,

lying her face down it would be a while before she would recover from her ordeal,

at first embarrassed at going over her mums lap, she was now totally humiliated reduced to a

quivering sobbing wreck,

literally the spanking from hell, and her bottom was certainly on fire,


Friday, 16 June 2017



I jumped to my feet "shut your bloody mouth you daft cow" I yelled across the classroom,

Melanie one of the posh, mod lasses in my class got right up my nose she did.

so superior her and her clique, fashionably dressed,nylons instead of the white knee socks the rest of

us had to wear,their ugly smug faces  plastered in make up( if I wore that much for the local Friday

nite hop mum would have given me a good hiding,)

I suddenly noticed the class had gone silent, except the noise of thirty teenage girls standing up,

(you had to stand up when a teacher entered the classroom )

a voice like a rip saw cut thru the silence, it was my nemesis, the dreaded headmistress,

as all the blood drained from my face, it  was ashen,I felt as if a gallon of icy water was in my


I felt dizzy like the time I had fainted,

turn and face me she hissed, I did so shaking like a leaf,  oh! she uttered in mock surprise,

I might have know it was you, go and wait out side my study,she snarled a look of distaste on her

ugly pinched face,

tho like all the girls I dreaded a summons to the headmistresses  study  I shot off like a ferret up a


I stood nervously waiting they say the anticipation is the worst part, obviously they have never been

on the end of a O'Farrell slippering,

An Aside why was almost every girl in the school terrified of O'Farrell?

the worst she could do was slipper your bottom,

the maximum was six,tho it was normally two, you would practically have to kill a teacher to get the

full Monty,

she swept into the small room come girl she snapped.

sit she indicated a chair in front of her desk she sat oppersite,

well what was all that about,  she asked calmly. nothing miss, I mumbled,

rubbish don't insult my intelligence, and don't mumble into your chest like that you had a speaking

role in the school play, you're not Marlon Brando,

and you're not the shy innocent little thing you make out to be,

I couldn't help a sly grin she was not far wrong the old bat,

well I'm not going over ploughed fields you caused a disturbance in class,  an unseemly


what would your mum think if I wrote her a letter? she wouldnt be happy I said lightly,

no so I'm not going to add to her woes by burding her with your lastest escapade,

stand she had produced the slipper. as if by magic, wish I could make the old trout disappear,

or saw her in half, I couldn't help smiling at that image,

I'm not a mind reader but I have a feeling that your thoughts directed at me are not very pleasant,

"you Kathleen are an intelligent, diligent hard working girl, but you also have a disruptive streak in

your makeup"

yes miss it's the mascara. I said giggling,

O'Farrell remained stony faced,

I wouldn't dream of trying to knock it out of you, but I can give you a spanking that will hopefully

teach you a lesson,

she looked me directly in the eye I glanced down,

"no smile, no grin and thankfully you've lost your smug selfsatisfied smirk"

here bend over the back of the chair, I did so with alacrity, shuddered when I felt the old crones claws

lift my navy blue school skirt clear of my bottom,

right lassie your getting six,

thwack! ouch!

and any more misbehaviour from you lassie and I'll take you over my knee with your knickers round

your ankles,and wallop your impudent backside black and blue.

you can't do that I said petulantly, a sullen look on my pretty little face,

don't you try me lassie she hissed,

just don't you try me,

now get back to your class.

blushing I tried to slip back behind my desk as quietly as I could manage,

of course Melanie was smirking. as I gingerly eased my sore bottom on to the hard wooden seat,

I'd just love to see her get the slipper off O'Farrell, the thick plastered mascara running down her ugly

bracket as she sobbed her little heart out, the soft pig, bang! I nearly jumped out of my skin Thoneley

had banged her hand on my desk lid, will you like to join the rest of us in studying history,

or would you prefer another vist to Mrs. O'Farrell?  no miss I stammered,

the mod bitches were having kittens,

Mrs.Thornley  resumed the lesson,  I nearly wet my self when she banged your lid,

I'm going to sit somewhere else if you don't stop getting into trouble,

my mums been on at me about you, my pal said at break,  "oh yeah go and sit with the mods then"

I snapped and immediately regretted it,

I might just do that Moira replied walking off.

please Moira I'm sorry I said running to catch up, c'mon I don't want to be late, you might enjoy

being slippered and getting letters sent to your mum but I don't, Moira said quietly,

we sat at our adjoining desks I was shivery,

being slippered, told off by all of the teachers,

 wearing unfashionable hand me downs and constantly on the receiving end of my mums spankings

was bad enough but losing the friendship of the lovely, calm, intelligent Moira would be to much to


oh! c'mon you daft happeth, life would be boring without you for my pal.

tbc. in part two.

Friday, 31 March 2017

The Seance.

                                        THE SEANCE.

And Its Aftermath.

The Old Creepy House.

It has seemed like a lark after the session on the Ouija Board,  lets go to that spooky " Old Creepy

House" as the local teenagers called the old detached property near the cemetery,

it was run down, appeared deserted,

hearing a noise they screamed and made  dash for it, one girl a slim teenager stumbled almost fell,

she was caught pulled upright by strong arms,

Clair was terrified she relaxed somewhat on realising her captor was a tall slim woman with long

black hair,

Do you know who I am? the woman asked,

Morticia? the girl said in a quivery voice,  she reeled backwards, put her hand to her face,

a red hand print glowing on her left cheek, from where the strange woman had slapped her face with

terrific force,

"don't you ever call me that stupid name you ignorant little trollop,,

I'm no trollop,I'm still a virgin Claire said firmly,  at your age more fool you, the woman retorted,

well! what shall I do with you,

frogmarch you to the police station, two years in the girls borstal at Widgeons Point might teach you

respect for other peoples property,

we weren't stealing, just exploring "the old creepy house"

how dare you, this is my family home,

what will your parents think of your actions, my mums in a sanatorium,

dads really busy he never bothers with me,

perhaps if I speak to him he will let me take you under my wing,

rather than having you arrested and sent to borstal,

well oh! yes that's ok with me, Claire said without any enthusiasm,

come then tell me your address and we will see him, get in the car,

they arrive at Claire's home,

Claire's father seemed more baffled than angry, when informed of his daughter's misbehaviour,

breaking into a house you say. I thought you told me you were stopping overnight at Becky's to do

some revision, the woman laughed you don't know much about teenage girls do you Mr. K.

it was agreed Claire would live with Miss Hazel Rowan  as the woman called her self,

back at the "old house"  you will call this house home from now on not silly teenage nicknames,

understand,  ur, em,  yes miss,

you will call me Hazel the woman rasped yes Claire said quietly,

Claire was shown to her room, it had bare walls a generally Spartan appearance,

I could put up some posters brighten it up a bit Claire said trying to lift her gloom,

Posters are you a complete idiot, I will not have my walls damaged by pictures of pop singers,

this is your room and you must keep it tidy or else,

Friday evening after our meal you will dust and then vacuum your room,

I normally go out with friends to the Coach House and then the disco at Fitz Allen village hall,

you will not go near licensed premises understand   "I'm eighteen" no you're seventeen you will


my rules or suffer the consequences, you won't be jiving and contorting in  a skimpy top and mini-

skirt with the rest of those trollops,

that's not fair,

do they have corporal punishment at your school, not really you can get the slipper but that's just for


I was told that all girls are subject to the same rules, yeah! but it don't happen often,

well as you are now being home schooled by me you will  be subject to corporal


oh get lost you creep. Claire spat out and immediately regretted it, 

I'm sorry she mumbled staring at the carpet,

well Claire my dear you've just earned yourself your first spanking, let me see where is the big old

slipper, she rummaged and soon produced a size eleven plimsoll.

Claire gulped, was this really happening, bend over the chair and stay  in position

she hissed,

 Claire bent over the chair, the strange woman looked the girl up and down liking what she saw,

slim and short she looked younger than nearly eighteen,

she smiled at the teenagers pale blue blouse and extremely short navy-blue pleated mini-skirt,

Claire bent over the back of the upright chair as indicated by "Morticia" her skirt rode up clear of her

surprisingly plump bottom,

Claire bending for the slipper.

her tiny  panties left much of her milky white orbs bare,

Claire in position to receive a slippering.

ideal the lady though with a grin which  quickly turned to a snarl as she lashed the sole of the gym

shoe against the teenage schoolgirls left cheek,

she continued to lash the enourmous plimsoll against the teenagers bottom,

Claire yelped and yowled it was agony, her bottom felt on fire she couldn't hold back her tears,

at last  it was over,

but a further shock was in store for the pretty schoolgirl,

" And now young lady you're going over my lap for a real old fashioned Wiccan spanking,"

"Morticia" rasped in a harsh voice,

"oh! no! Claire was mortified, hadn't she suffered enough,

                                                Claire receives an over the knee spanking.

that's not fair I've already had the slipper, the girl said in a whiney, pleading voice,

yes indeed you have had the slipper, and now you are going to have your silly little bottom spanked

until my hand hurts and let me warn you I have a very hard hand your spoilt little backside will be

blazing hot, red raw glowing like a sunset long before my hand tires,

I will have you sobbing till your eyes run dry, you will learn respect for the old religion,

lets get this ridiculous mini-skirt of yours out of the way and we can lose the panties she hissed,

pushing the teenagers skirt clear of Claire's bottom she hooked two fingers in to the

waistband of the tiny cotton panties and yanked them unceremoniously to mid thigh,

smack! ouch!

see how you like this, you disobedient little madam, the tall lady hissed venomously,

if this was  "a real old fashioned Wiccan spanking" Claire didn't like it one little bit,

she yelped again as Morticia continued smacking her bare bottom with all her might,

her bottom already throbbing from her slippering was now in agony,

the sound of "Morticias" bare palm smacking down on the poor teenagers bare bottom echoed

off the bare walls, a very satisfying sound the woman thought,

the hapless teenagers chastisement went on for what seemed to Claire to be an eternity,

at last it was over, Claire stood and sobbed her eyes out,

not caring that her panties were around her ankles, she howled it was agony,

get to bed now girl the woman hissed as the door slammed,

to scared to disobey Claire stripped naked and pulled on the itchy white cotton nightgown,

she lay face down on the hard narrow bed, her pillow was soon soaked with her bitter tears,

The End. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017



In  A Bizarre Time Travel Incident Two Schoolgirls Exchange Places, 

Verity for heavens sake hurry up will you,get dressed for school,the voice continued,

Paula was groggy, who was shouting, who is this Verity?

still in a daze the slim teenager dropped the bath towel she had wrapped herself in after her morning


her clothes laid out on the bed automaticallly she slipped in to the white bra,

knickers whaat! they were a black lacy thigs like g string,

better put them on, now for the woolly black tights, a short black skirt,

navy blue polo shirt with a badge on the left breast,

no blouse or tie, no sign of a blazer.

I'm leaving now Verity get in the car now or you can walk,


Verity was confused the room was cold she was wearing an itchy nightdress, will you get ready now

lass, I'm sick of shouting at you our Paula,

the woman was strangely familiar her mum?

here you dozy little happence, the woman grasped Verity/Paula's arm,

landing two hard smacks on the teenagers bottom,

now get ready for school if your late again I'm going to tan your lazy backside for you,

she heard feet crashing down stairs she quickly pulled the nightie over her head,

her school attire was laid out on the bed, white bra, white cotton knickers they seemed massive to

what she normally wore,

she quickly donned the items, her bottom stung from the parental chastisement,

she had never been hit brefore,

no tights, white knee socks how bizarre, she thought, a white blouse a striped tie luckily still knotted

she had no idea how to tie the outlandish thing,

an extremely short navy blue mini skirt completed her ensemble,

shoes ?  the only outdoor footwear she could see were oxblood sandals,she pushed her feet into


out in the street, where to go?  Paula she heard called loudly, oh!of course that was her name in this

bizarre alternative universe, or a crazy dream she would awaken from at any moment,

three or four girls dressed as she was all with equally short mini-skirts, were waving at least she

 would be able to find the school,

at the school gates.

an older girl with a pencil and notepad approached them, " you lot are late, lets have your names"

aw come on Lesley give us a break, "sorry Jeanne I've got to book you in"

the tall slim prefect said laughing,

well that's you up in front of the Headmistress, a girl said to Paula grinning, " late again,

that's half a dozen times, its the slipper for you",

Verity /Paula was confused, did they mean she was to be hit for being a few minutes late,

what an awful world she had ended up in, by the fashions it had to be the late sixties,

someone, mentioned the "moon landing" that was nineteen sixty-nine she knew that,

she sat at a desk with one of the girls, they had to stand up when the teacher entered the room and

reply to her "good morning"

sit still and upright no talking or rising from your allotted desk and crossing the classroom to speak to


you had to work in silence until the teacher spoke to you,

Paula, she realised the teacher meant her,she stood up report to the headmistress please some of the

girls giggled,

the teacher quickly hushed them,

Paula/Verity left the classroom and headed to the dupurty headmistress's study,

she knocked timidly and was told to enter,

the head was an imposing figure P/V.was frightened off her,

the adults in this world were abrupt in their manner towards the girls,

talking to them as if they were dogs,

"well Paula we meet again" were her opening remarks she looked the nervous teenager up and down

obviously she did not approve of what she saw,

well you've had enough warnings, I'll be writing to your mother about your behaviour,

we may only be a secondary modern school but we have certain standards of conduct.

I'm sick of talking to you, face that wall and touch your toes,

Paula/Verity hesitated,

do as you told girl I won't tell you again,

the slim teenager quickly obeyed to scared not to,

the powerfully built woman already held a large slipper or gym shoe in her hand,

P/V. held back tears was this really happening to her,

her extremely short mini-skirt had ridden up displaying her nicely rounded bottom clad in the white

cotton briefs,she had donned that morning,

thank heavens its not my usual panties or thong was her last thought,as the head spoke get ready,

thwack! ouch !she yelled at the shock of the slipper hitting her left buttock,

it really stung, thwack! again this time the right cheek, she yelped, your're getting one extra for your

attitude, that makes four, the head hissed,

and wasted no time in lashing the heavy gym shoe down on the teenage schoolgirls bottom,

the left cheek then the right, no longer stinging her bottom hurt like hell,

she stood up tears stinging her eyes,

go to your next lesson and try and behave will you the Headmistress  snapped,

Paulas house after school Friday evening,

"mum" waved a letter in her face,well you've done it now in trouble at school again,

I'll deal with you after tea now get changed and help set the table,

Paula/Verity ran up stairs removed her school tie,and blouse found a top pulled it on selected a bottle

 green corduroy mini-skirt from the handful of clothes in the small wardrobe

she set the rtable,

she felt hungry despite the threat of "mums" chastisement to come tasty fish and loads of chips,

thanks mum that was loverly she said well clear the table and wash up then go to your room,

 yes mum she said softly,

she looked around the small bedroom, posters on the walls. The Beatles she recognized,

she looked at the picture of an unknow group of men with long hair, The Rolling Stones was printed

at the bottom,

heavens she thought did young girls her age actually swoon over these ugly creatures,

they looked like the blokes you saw working on building sites,

she wondered what form her upcoming chastisement would entail,she had heard of girls being

spanked over "mums"knee, panties down, hand, slipper even a hairbrush she shuddered she preferred

not to think of belts or canes,

her mum "entered briskly, lets get this over with shall we, and you won't be cavorting down that

youth club with the rest of those short skirted hussies, when I'm done with you,

you can stop in your room and read, then an early night, yes mum Paula/Verity uttered eyes

cast downwards,

the slimly built woman sat in the only chair in the room,here she indicated for her  "daughter"

to stand at her side no sign of a slipper or hairbrush,

shall I take my panti ,,  knickers down the teenager suddenly asked, why had she blurted that


never mind that, just get here, mum guided the teenage schoolgirl over her lap,

pushing her daughters mini-skirt well clear of her girls bottom, she commenced spanking

Paula/Verity's bottom, she was strong and determined and had a hard hand,

the teenager was soon sobbing quietly oh! mum please, she pleaded it was agony,

her bottom was on fire,

ignoring the schoolgirls pleas she continued to administer the mother and father of a good spanking

to the unfourtunate teenager bottom,

a dozen to the centre of each cheek, then the upper segment of each of her daughters rounded

buttocks, the lower portion of each bottom cheek given the same ferocious treatment,

the teenage schoolgirls bottom was on fire,

Verity had never know n such pain.

at last it was over,

pushed to her feet she stood unsteadily tears gushing eyes red, shaking, shivering,  the pain was


lie on the bed if you want mum said shoving her daughter roughly towards the narrow single bed,

the door slammed as she exited,

Pauls/Verity collapsed on to the bed face down she eased her white cotton knickers clear of her

blazing bottom,

she fell into a fitful sleep,

when Verity awoke she was back in her own bed, her own room in her own home, her own time,

strangely she could feel a soreness in her bottom tho no marks were visible,

                                                                                  THE END

PS.    Something a little different, Sci-Fi.?    

         I like the contrast with the present day. I imagine it would be a shock for any teenage schoolgirl to find herself back in the sixties/seventies when schools dished out corporal punishment as a matter of course, and even an intelligent well behaved studious young woman could find her self touching her toes in the headmistresses study and receiving the slipper on her bottom,
often for what was the most trivial of reasons,
and home was no better, expected to help with the housework,(because you're only a girl).
subject to random clips, thumps and smacks,
and heaven forbid you should commit a serious transgression, come home a few minutes late,
covered in love bites, i.e. a single one that a lad gave you against your will,
then it was over mums knee for a real old fashioned Irish Catholic spanking,

well that's enough for now,  K.

Friday, 24 February 2017


A Caning For Shelagh.

The pretty teenagers inability to keep out of trouble lands her in hot water.

NO! NO! NO!  Shelagh's pale face was red, not dad, no not that please,

she was begging pleading, not the sullen rebel but a scared young woman,

not far off tears,

sit down Shelagh, mum indicated the single bed, Shelagh sat for once obeying her mum with out a

protracted argument,

Shelagh you know you deserve chastisement and I'm not going to wait two weeks until I get this sling

off, she indicated her wrist,

her teenage daughter was not far off tears,

it was not uncommon for fathers to punish their daughters, tho mum didn't agree with men hitting

teenage girls,

you know your dad loves you to bits he is only agreeing to cane you at my behest,

it will only be six on your bottom, on your skirt it will be over in seconds,

Oh! I suppose so,

that's good Shelagh I appreciate you accepting your punishment,

where's dad? the pretty dark haired girl asked, he's gone to the garden shed to select a cane,

 a nice thick heavy one,

I hope it hasn't got soil on it Shelagh said sullenly,

don't be silly,

Kathy and Jeff had agreed a heavy cane that bruised more would be better than a thin swishy one,

a tentative knock on the door, oh come in Jeff ,  Kathy said,

the tall slim sandy haired man entered the small bedroom, ha carried the bamboo cane,

the schoolgirl gulped it was actually happening,

he avoided looking at his daughter,

without more ado, Kathy indicated the wooden upright chair.

to scared now to disobey or make some sarcastic remark Shelagh quickly draped herself over the

back of the chair, palms of her small pale hands on the seat of the chair,

for a slimly built young woman she had a surprisingly well rounded bottom,

and a soon to be a very sore one,

her navy blue school skirt was tightly stretched over her teenage bottom,

mum stood by ready to hold down her daughter if she tried to jump up,

Jeff had a lump in his throat, his first born short and dark haired,

so much like his wife when they first met,

he steeled himself, gripping the bamboo rod tightly he raised his arm and took aim there was a

terrific crack as the cane hit Shelagh's bottom,

Kathy flinched, she was surprised how hard her husband hat hit Shelagh,

and even more surprised that the girls only response had been a low moan,

thwack! once more the tall fair haired man brought the cane down on to his daughters bottom,

swish! a third terrifically hard stroke to his daughters bottom,

the teenager yelped,

a high pitched squeal as the bamboo rod once more struck the seat of her tightly stretched school


the pretty dark haired teenager was grinding her toes into the carpet, sobbing softly,

she yelped as the cane struck her proffered bottom for the fifth time,

adjusting his stance,

the all fair-haired man raised the cane high and smashed it down on the thin material of his teenage

daughters school skirt,

this savage blow elicited a scream of pain from the pretty schoolgirl,

he nodded grimly to his wife and left the small bedroom,

mum took her distraught daughter in her arms, normally the sullen teenager would spurn any sign of

maternal affection from her mum, but in her distressed state, she welcomed her mums loving arms,

still holding the sobbing teenager, she heard the back door looking out she saw her husband stride in

to the narrow back garden he flung the cane as far as he could it landed in the privet hedge,

with a shaking hand he lit a cigarette, taking a long pull on the white tube,

here lie on the bed love, mum said in a soft voice,

gently leading her chastised and chastened daughter to the small single bed,

she gently laid the sobbing teenager face down, "shall I help you undress?  no mum just leave me.

 Shelagh said thru her gasping sobs, she thrust her tear streaked face into the pillow,

she was sobbing quietly as mum left the small back bedroom,

The End.

Sunday, 1 January 2017



I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year, hope you all get your hearts desire,

and that all you lovely ladies who squeeze into your old school uniforms,

blouses stretched tightly over firm breasts, stripy tie fastened loosely,

your official school skirt clinging tightly to your curves, hemline indecently short,

in contravention of uniform regulations,

well I hope that your naughty bottoms get the sound spanking they richly deserve,

A lovely lady in her uniform,

it still fits nicely. 

(image from flickr)

Friday, 16 December 2016




Kitty get in here now, I'm just about sick of this, what now the teenager said sullenly,

you are in more trouble at work, that's what this letter is concerning,

Mrs. Owens, oh her, kitty snorted in derision, don't worry gel you'll sing a different tune shortly.

when I'm through with you,

I'll read this letter just listen will you,

kitty lolled on the sofa not bothered that her extremely short mini-dress rode up displayed her panties

you could discern the blue colour thru her fashionable white tights,

her kid sister sat next to her making sure her checked mini -skirt was tugged down, and her knees


at least one of you knows how a lady should sit,

get on with it please Kitty drawled feigning a yawn. Molly was surprised mum let this go, she had a

feeling her clever clogs sister, was riding for a fall,

and it could be a very painful one,

since leaving school and obtaining a position in an upmarket departmental store,

Kitty's behaviour had worsened considerably,

she was openly contemptuous of her mother,

mum read the letter,.....

Dear Mrs. Mc.Ilvaney.

                                    I am very sorry that I have occasion to write to you again regarding

                                    the behaviour of your daughter Kitty,

                                    tho we always make allowances for the natural exuberance of our

                                    school leavers, I am afraid despite numerous warnings Kitty's behaviour

                                    has worsens if anything,

                                    I would hate to see a young girl with your daughters potential lose

                                    her job,

                                    as you are aware we ignored the fact that Kitty's academic record was

                                    less than we normally expect of our junior sales assistants,

                                    we took into account Kitty's bubbly outgoing personality and obvious


                                    therefore I hope you can speak to your daughter about this matter

                                    I look forward to Kitty having a long and successful career at Brentwoods.

                                                                                                                             Yours Nancy Kelly.

                            Molly"! mum spoke sharply, fetch the strap from the airing cupboard please,

not the strop she added,

Molly paled, mum wasn't going to use the strap on her teenage daughter, 

she unhooked the thick brown leather belt from the nail,

kitty was visibly shocked, since she had left school her mum had refrained from spanking her,

was she now to face her comeuppance,

mum you can't hit me with that she said a catch in her voice,

upstairs now mum hissed, Kitty complied with alacrity,

take that upstairs Molly, mum said briskly, please mum not the belt, don't back chat me Molly,

do as I tell you, we don't need any more teenage rebels in this family,

Molly ran up stairs to the bedroom she shared with her big sister,

I begged mum not to hit you she said, her sisters eyes were on the belt she held loosely in her right

hand, I know moll  thanks but I've brought it on myself, you have indeed, mum said as she strode into

the room,

Molly sit she indicated the single bed

her youngest did as she was told, still holding the leather belt,

you she addressed kitty put that chair there she indicated a spot on the floor,

stand there she pointed to a position behind the chair,

I'm not wasting any more breath talking to you, I'm going to do what I should have done weeks ago,

bend over and grip the front of the seat,

Kitty obeyed affording her sister a view of her pantie clad bottom,

lets get these stupid things off, she gripped the waistband of her daughter's fashionable tights and

yanked them down to the teenager feet,

Molly please she held her hand out, Molly held out the belt, mum folded it in half hefting it a couple

of times  right Kitty don't move understand, yes mum, a muffled tearful reply,

thwack!  arrrrgggghhh! Kitty yelped, Mum lashed the belt down a second time landing on the centre

of her daughters well rounded bottom, Kitty squealed thwack! again the folded belt stuck her pantie

clad bottom, and again  until the teenage rebel had received six terrific spanks with the belt, she was

surprised her daughter, had remained in position, she would have been out the door after three,

her rebellious teenager was obviously made of sterner stuff,

she adjusted her stance aimed for the left cheek rather than the whole of Kitty's bottom as she had

with the first six,

connecting with the area of skin left bare by the skimpy panties, eliciting a high pitched scream,

she'd felt that one alright mum thought, 

she prepared to administer the same treatment to the right buttock,

mum I feel sick her youngest suddenly cried she looked ashen, quick run to the bathroom then go

down stairs and watch telly, turn it up loud she said laughing,

she turned once more to kitty, her teenage daughter was sobbing loudly,

she lashed the belt down on the exposed area of bare skin,

another shriek of pain from her daughter,

Kitty was sobbing, moaning, snatches of words, please, mum, sorry, no, no, mum please,

I haven't finished with you by a long chalk my girl, mum mutter aloud,

dragging the sobbing young woman off the chair she laid  Kitty face down on the bed,

she then began lashing the leather belt down on her daughters bottom, not stopping until she had

dished out ten or twelve ferocious whacks,

her daughters face in the pillow muffled her increasingly desperate cries for mercy,

I'll put a stop to her wearing these indecent skirts she thought and lashed the belt down repeatedly on

the back of her daughters bare thighs, the shrieks could be heard not only next door but in the next


she was in a frenzy, preparing to commence once more on Kitty's bottom,

she felt a tug on her cardigan sleeve, mum, mum, please the neighbours are knocking,

banging the wall, they're ringing the police,

she looked at her daughters tearful little face, oh ok go and put the kettle on,

she stood in the doorway and surveyed her daughters legs her backside would be ten times worse

she was satisfied with her nights work,

she savoured her cuppa, the neighbours must have knocked hard she said staring at young Molly,

oh! um yes they did, Molly stammered, yes very hard indeed, considering they're spending a weekend

at the coast,

Molly hung her head blushing, unlike her elder sister lying didn't come easily,

normally lying to me would earn you a spanking, standing she pulled Molly to her feet and landed a

terrific spank on her daughters mini-skirted bottom,

but under the circumstances I'll let that suffice, now refill our teacups please,

we can watch the late film together you'll get no sleep while she is moaning and groaning,

she nodded at the ceiling.



Mrs.Kellys office  Monday morning,

did your mum speak to you? speak! she took my dads old leather belt to my backside,

oh I'm sorry to hear that,  no I'm not she thought I hope she thrashed the impudent little madam,

so  you're  going to be a good little girl from now on?  yes miss, the teenager replied,

I'm sorry you got into trouble, well I brought it on my self I've learnt a bitter lesson,

Kitty said quietly,

go and report to miss delgatty,she will decide what counter you can be on to day,

oh! shes back thought you was sacked ? no last warning,whats the long skirt cat died,

no its to cover the bruises, bruises? yes my mum took the belt to my backside and the back of my legs,

so you can laugh at me if you want,  well cant blame your mum youvre been a right cow,

a proper little madam,

well from today I'm the best behaved lass in the shop,

Kitty can you come with me please,  third floor one of the girls called as they walked away,

they've got some new leather belts in the mens department,

now, now girls that's enough,  Miss Delgatty said grinning.