Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Girly Boys. Aftermath.


follow up to the day of the girly boys.

Alma looked extremely nervous, her plump little face pale, she held Johnnys hand tightly.

Alma wore her school uniform, white blouse, blue and gold striped tie, navy blue pleated skirt and

white knee socks,

I was also in my uniform,

we were on the doorstep of a semi detached villa in a quitet middle class area.

we were invited in, I'm so sorry for what happened to Robert, I said as we entered the house,

I feel terrible, so guilty, Alma blurted out. you wer'nt to blame you were only doing what the

headmaster and the head of year told you,

and considering that you are now courting Johnny that tells me that you were kind and considerate to

the lads concerned.

unlike the other girl, I am informed she was a nasty piece of work,

she seemed to enjoy our predicament I said, wanting to help Alma,

tho she has been given the mother and father of a good hiding by her normally doting mother,

Roberts mum said with some vehemence,

and she chopped off that bottle blond mop of hers, and is making her wear the proper school uniform

not that mod gear,

Alma cleared her throat, miss, I mean Mrs. Hemling, my mum hasn't chastised me yet, but she says if

you want to give me a spanking that's fine by her, Alma said this red faced and staring at the carpet,

oh! I see, well little Alma I'm game for that,

she stood up Alma come with me will you, she seemed very stern, I feared for Almas well rounded


the veneer of middle class manners had vanished she was a vengeful mother whos child had been

taken from her in tragic circumstances,

Alma seemed to hesitate,

come upstairs then Roberts mum said quietly but firmly,

 giving me a shy smile Alma followed the tall lady from the room,

the large front bedroom,

Mrs.Hemling sat on the eddge of the bed, indicated for the nervous teenage schoolgirl to approach

and stand by her side,Alma quickly complied,   " skirt" The lady rasped,

Alma gripped the hem of her knee length navy blue schoolskirt, and pulled it clear of her pantie

clad bottom "right you little minx, I'm going to tan your stupid backside black n blue"

she raised her arm and commenced to make good her promise to the unfortunate teenager,

Almas school knickers thin white cotton didn't give much protection from the angry womans hand

she continued spanking poor Almas bottom,

you stupid little common working class bitch she hissed, I'll make you suffer,

the teenage schoolgirl was sobbing, Roberts mum was relentless making sure all of the teenagers

bottom was well spanked,

take that you little trollop I'll teach you, she continued spanking the teenagers bottom as hard as she could,

at last it was over, satisfied she led the sobbing girl down stairs she immediately ran to the arms of

her boyfriend, burying her tearstained face in his chest,

the "other girl" (Melody I had leaned she was called)  and her mum arrived, it was correct her long

Marianne faithful hair chopped off a short schoolgirl crop her mousey roots already showing.

"mod gear"  a thing of the past.crisp white blouse, school tie, navy blue pleated skirt below the knee

white socks and black lace up, completed her unfashionable ensemble,

she's not so attractive without her make up Johnny thought in fact she wasn't attractive at all,

without mascara, no lipstick her lips thin and pale and the lack of make up exposed her terrible

complextion sallow skin pimples and blackheads in profusion,

her nervous hangdog attitude didn't help,

 presumably still suffering the after effects of the good hiding her mum had dished out to the spoilt

little madam,

Ive just finished spanking Alma here Roberts mum told the newcomer,

well you better give this specimen a sound spanking as well,

oh!well if you insist, shall we go upstairs, no do it here your lad suffered in public,

the tenager looked even more disconsolate if that was possible,

Melodys mum spoke, perhaps your husband would like to have first go at her,

oh! um why not Roberts mum said,

Roberts dad showed shock at thia announcement but soon regained his composure,

he had lost a son after all and this common little bitch was partly responsible.

Melodys mum led her daughter across to where Roberts dad was sitting,

I'm left handed,  oh !stand here then her mum said she began hauling her daughters skirt up clear of

melodys bottom, skinny bottom encased in  white  cottomn school briefs,

obviously mum had intidgated changes from head to toe,

she tucked the hem of her teenage daughters skirt in to the waistband,

Lance (apparently that was his name)

being left handed gave the watching audience a view of the schoolgirls bottom,

slap the back of her legs first,her mum said oh!alright he administers three hard smacks to each of the

poor girls bare white legs,

he then commenced spanking melodys bottom,

his large hand spanked each cheek in turn Melody was sobbing quietly she had actually started

weeping before her chastisement started, I could only assume it was all the turmoil she had

experienced in the days since Roberts death,

going from being mammy's spoilt pampered pet, to the dowdy, miserable creature she was now,

then it was Roberts mums turn to spank Melody,

I imagined it would just be one long nightmare for the teenager,

she didn't yelp or screech when Roberts mum landed hard spank after terrifically hard spank

on the teenagers battered and bruised bottom,

just sobbed quietly,

at last it was over, we said our goodbyes,

how are you feeling I asked as we walked down the tree lined avenue,

you mean how's my bum?  ok. I've had worse,

she said grinning,

it started to drizzle as we headed into town nearing the shops we spotted a figure sheltering in a shop


oh! hello Melody, Alma spoke, Hi, she replied in a quavery  voice, eyes red from crying,

she seemed afraid don't worry we won't bite you Alma said,

she began sobbing Alma put her arm around the shivering teenager,

why don't you go home? Alma asked, mum sez I have to stop out till five,

can't you meet up with friends? oh! they are avoiding me since what happened to Ro,  you know.

yes all those who laughed their heads off when we went on stage, I butted in,

and they don't want to be seen with me dressed like this, there so mod, my old mates,

well your welcome to come to my house have a cuppa,

listen to my square record collection, Englebert, Mario lanza, Ken Dodd alma said laughing,

oh! I've seen you at the dance, I think your a lot more mod than that Melody said a hint of a smile,

probably her first for days,

kettle on mum, Alma shouted as we entered her house, I was surprised at Almas casual attitude to her

alleged tarter of a mum,

tho I guessed they couldn't be daggers drawn all of the time,

we sat and nibbled our choccy biccys,

you're mum doesn't seem to bad, I whispered, but Almas mum must have supersonic ears ,

surprised I  wasn't on the door step strap in hand,

oh I'm sorry I didn't mean, oh leave it alone son she said laughing,

Almas been punished when she deserves it but I've never used a belt or a strap,

she has an over active imagination in that daft little head of hers,

Alma had the grace to look sheepish staring at the floor,

I told Melody we were going to listen to records, Alma said glad to change the subject,

go on then and keep it down, and leave the bedroom door open,

wouldn't it be quieter with the door closed, I ventures both girls looked at each other and rolled their eyes,

lads what do they know melody said,

its in case you and Alma start canoodling,  oh! I said blushing,

so it seemed the outcast Melody had joined our little gang,

I met up with a couple of my friends (those that stayed loyal after my appearance on stage)

I see you've got that Melody in tow one remarked, looks a right rat bag nowadays, he concluded,

oh she not that bad, the other one said, fancy her then?  she's ok, better make your move then,

before she goes all mod again,

so he did plucked up the courage to ask Melody for a date. yes please,that would be nice but I must

ask my mum, she said shyly.

mum a lad has asked me out can I go? Melody asked her mum, oh who is it oh! its ....... he's a friend

of Almas lad,

her mum seemed willing to allow Melody,'s request, well I'm pleased you've asked me,

where would this date be, at the church hall dance next Friday well that's a week away,

I want him to pick you up from here, so I can get a look at him,

oh there's one condition, yes mum what's that?   you take a spanking before you go out just to remind

you to behave,


(for now)

PROJECT 17/18.

 Project 17/18.

PROJECT 17/18.

Originally Project 17.

At the beginning of the year I had planned to consolidate my musings, but ill health and other reasons put project 17
on hold now hopefully  it can rise phonix like,
stories I have collected over a number of years stored on old laptops, cds, memory sticks etc.the plan was to store them all on Kaytiesdaze.

I plan to use a little logo on all Project 17/18 stories.

Monday, 27 November 2017




Yvonne tries to decide which of her minis to wear for a night out,

Decisions, decisions, which of my extremely short mini-skirts 

shall I wear for my night out with the girls from work.

 Mum sticks her nose in, "if you leave this house in

that skirt you'll be sorry"

The shortest black one,

The fractionally longer one,

"That's no improvement indecently short and clingy"

mum sticks her threepenny worth in again,

Well I've chosen the pink one almost as short and nice and clingy shows of my bum to advantage,

and my precious mum can lump it the old square.

Home to face the music after a great night out. mum is furious I've defied her 

the cardinal sin in those days,
"Bend over that chair you disobedient little minx.

I'm sick of talking to you"

mum, please I've seventeen, nearly eighteen, "under my roof my rules"

mum hisses do as you're told girl.

"Lets see if having your bottom spanked can get thru to you"

I'm almost a grown woman working bringing money into the house,

but I obey and bend over in my extremely short mini-skirt. 

(that's how it was for us lasses in the sixties and seventies)

the end.

Friday, 24 November 2017


Black Friday Bargain.

A pink stretchy mini-skirt from the charity shop. cost £1.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017



Part Three

I didn't recogniser her at first, hair pulled back in a severe ponytail, face devoid of make up,

knee length school skirt white knee socks,

tho dressed more like a twelve year old she seemed to have aged, her face ashen and her pretty

features drawn,

oh! Melanie love,what happened I stuttered, oh my mum found out about us she gave me a good hiding,

over her knee spanked with the wooden backed hairbrush,

oh you poor thing, and you she is telling your mum,

we wont see each other again, at school I said oh no shes sending me to a private shool its run by nuns,

you have to have your hair cut short and wear a hideous knee length blue dress its itchy as out

and they hit you with leather straps on the hands, the back of your legs, on your bum, 

for nothing,you don't have telly or music just the bible, its an awful place,

I'll have to go my mum said aI could have a few minutes to speak to you before I leave,

she wanted you to see the way I look,  your still the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen, I said,

I love you Kathleen she gasped and turned and ran down the street,

I headed for home walking slowly, I felt an overwhelming sadness I fought back tears,

at the top of our street my kid sister appeared running towards me,

"get home now mum wants you" she yelled, obviously relishing the thought that mum was going to

give me a good hiding,

"if  mum wants me back home she can tell me herself " I snapped at her,

you better get home now she sneered,

oh! there you are, mum said quietly, come up stairs I need to talk to you,

have you been crying love she said softly, I had been expecting a tirade,  yes a bit I replied,

because of your friend,

I've had her idiot of a mother round here shouting the odds, saying you seduced her daughter,

took advantage of her, " no that's not true we love each other,

you're very young, you got a lot of growing up to do, what did you say to her mum,

"oh! I sent the silly bitch away with a flea in her ear"

are you going to send me away, why on earth would I do that your my daughter and I love you to


I am going to punish you, you have done wrong, you'll take a spanking and we put this episode

behind us and then we get on with our lives,  does our Maria know? I asked,

she hasnt been told any thing by me, she knows your gerrin chastised but not the reason why,

mum replied,

now listen I'm sending the little pest to grans tomorrow morning, we can have some privacy

your gerrin a real old fashioned Irish Catholic spanking,

ok ,thanks mum for being so understanding, I uttered,  oh!  of course you thought I'd rant and rave

like Peggy O'Donnal, (as per normal she used a relative, neighbours maiden name)

 um, yes, I think so, I'm sorry, save that for tomorrow when your over my knee,

then you will realise the errors of your ways,

you can accompany me to confession this evening, yes mum,  I groaned inwardly that's all I need.

having to tell some owd priest or other what I had done,

tell your sister to come in for lunch will you mum said laughing giving me a slap on my backside to

propel me on my way,

Saturday morning.

Clear away the breakfast things Kathleen will you, and you, you little scamp get yourself off to grans,

my kid sister gave me a twisty look, pleased that I was gerrin a hiding and annoyed she wouldn't be

around to witness or at least hear the slipper hitting my bum and my yelps of pain,

bedroom my mum said indicating upstairs with a nod of her heard, I quickly ran upstairs to the small

back bedroom, mum had been busy, the upright wooden chair in a space between the two single beds,

the heavy wooden backed hairbrush lying on the seat of the chair,

it looked harmless an inanimate object,

time for your chastisement mum said firmly.

mum sat in the chair her face grim, she may have been understanding and forgiving about my

"relationship" with  Melanie,

but she was resolute that I would be punished severely,

she gripped the hairbrush firmly, I stood at her side as she indicated my mouth dry a hollow feeling in

my tummy despite breakfast,   I'm sorry I have to do this Kathleen but you gave me no choice,

I ran the palms of my hands down the sides of my royal blue corduroy mini-skirt smoothing it down,

mum quickly guided me over her knee I had a nice view of the bedroom carpet,

my short skirt had ridden up clear of my bottom I was wearing my weekend undies,

small panties thin cotton primrose with a white lace trim,

ouch! I yelped that hurt and was shock I hadn't been expecting it, ouch! my right cheek received the

same then the centre of my left cheek again and the right, mum was getting in to her stride,

she was laying it on really hard, I was sobbing already,  " please mum stop" I wailed piteously,

the pain was intense my bottom on fire, my fingers scrabbled at the carpet, mum held me firm

at each spank hit my sore posterior I gave piteous little yelps, tears were flowing,

my garbled pleas for mercy were ignored, " Kathleen don't struggle, the sooner its over with the

better, mum snarled, how could she expect me to lie calm and still I was in agony,

she continued spanking my poor bottom with the wooden backed hairbrush,

I don't know how many I'd had, it was sheer agony I'd been spanked before by hand and the slipper

but nothing like this, it seemed to go on for ages,

suddenly I felt my hair being tugged,my head dragged up my mum leaning down to hiss in my ear,

"lassie if you don't stiop trying to fight me I'll smack the back of your legs red raw

,then I'll start again on your backside,  understand,"

"yes mum, I'll try" my pathetic response,

she dropped my head somehow I managed to grab the legs of the chair, gripprd them tight as I could,

and somehow managed to stay relatively still at last it was over,

pulled to my feet I swayed unsteadily, mum hugged me kissing  my forehead "you're a  brave girl, I'm

proud of you" she said,

you took your punishment bravely" I certainly didn't feel brave my eyes red raw from sobbing,

tears still rolled down my cheeks my nose was running,

and my bottom it didn't bear thinking about, throbbing  and so very sore, I was in agony,

"I'll leave you alone for a while love, why don't you lie on the bed"

I staggered and collapsed on the bed face down of course,

The End.



Monday, 23 October 2017



We were lined up in the Heads study,

well you have ignored repeated orders to have your hair cut, the head barked tho our hair wasn't

particually long,

he produced a long bamboo cane,

he indicated for one of our number to step forward,

"hand out boy" he growled,

Swish thwack he flinched as the cane struck his outstretched palm, "left" the head barked,

 he quickly held out his left hand, thwack! he winced it was certainly true that the head caned harder

than the heads of year.

I was next I/'d never had more than one each hand I was terrified,

it was worse than even I had imagined,

tho the lads never liked to show fear or pain when caned, it was impossible not to show the agony

after three on each hand from the head all four teenagers were fighting back tears,

now go with Mrs. Stollen, he ordered, the four fourth years followed the senior female teacher,

to a small store room,

two girls were there already, a stunning blonde in my year but a different class,

strip to your underpants she rasped we dar'nt disobey, with our palms still stinging from the heads six

 of the worst,

she rummaged throught the clothes, " here put that on" she said hading me a navy blue pleated skirt,

one of the girls(the unattractive one) took the skirt holding it she indicated for me to step into it,

she pulled it up to my waist it ended just above my knee, she quickly fastened the

clasp and pulled the zip up,

now the ribbons for these pretty boys Stollen high pitched voice instructed the girls,

again the same short dark haired girl attended to me,

as she put the ribbons in my hair she whispered in my ear "I'm sorry, be brave it will soon be over"

I'd never noticed her before short and stocky her  mousey hair cut in a short unflattering style,

no make up, a knee length skirt and white knee socks, clumpy lace up shoes,

she was nice tho,

the other one of the girls was very amused a very attractive blonde, she obviously found our

predicament tremendously funny,

we were helped in to blouses not the usual school shirts the girls wore but fancy lacy things like my

gran wore,white knee socks and plimsolls completed our ensemble, then the girls made sure the

ribbons in our not that long

hair, were fastened tightly,

but before that happens you will be punished like a girl,

she was tapping a large gym shoe on the palm of her hand, a wicked glint in her beady eye,

"you first Morrison" she rasped at me,

I quickly bent over the small table the blonde girl grasped my wrists tho I was hardly likely to make a

run for it,

she grinned and smirked at me, I looked down at the rough grained surface of the table,

"pull his skirt up, will you she hissed presumably at the other girl,

I felt the navy blue skirt gently raised up my thighs and clear of my white y-fronted bottom,

hurry up girl or I'll give you a dozen on the back of your legs,

"yes miss, sorry miss" the dark girl spluttered,  if any one got the slipper I'd love it to be the blonde

bitch, she had giggled at the poor girl being told off,

thwack! Stollen lashed the gym shoe down on to my left buttock, the shock made me wince and yell


I caught the eye of the blonde bitch she was highly amused at my predicament ,

I determined to keep staring down at the table top and remain silent, for the remaining five smacks,

"ok,stand" six hard whacks with the slipper, I now was the not very proud possessor of a sore

backside to match my sore palms,

next a lad called Robert I didn't really know him, he was on the footie team, he was mortified,

from hero to laughing stock,

I noticed the girl was much quicker yanking Roberts skirt up,

the blonde once more grabbed the wrists of the lad about to be slippered, she was obviously enjoying

our predicament,

Robert sobbed even before Stollen lashed the slipper down on this cotton clad buttocks,

he was totally humiliated,

I would love to see blondie get slippered on her lacy panties,(I imagined that's what she would wear),

at last all four of us had received a slippering on our underpants,

then we were marched to the assembly hall, the whole school was there,

we were guided down the aisle and on to the stage, the jeers and catcalls began as soon as we entered

the hall normally the slightest sound would have eared the culprit a caning,

obviously part of our humiliation to be jeered and laughed at by our schoolmates,

on to the stage Robert was complete wreck, the head spoke Let me introduce Roberta who wont be

playing football for the school again, the assembled pupils roared with laughter when he said

Roberta, perhaps she can join the rounders team, cue uproarious laughter from the assembled pupils,

he turned to me "name boy" he snapped, he didn't know me from Adam, er Morrison sir I stammered,

he was lost for a funny riposte,

well this is what happens to girly boys at this school,

now back to your classes,

Mrs.Stollen appeared and led us back to the store room,

get changed and back to your classes and be sharpish, yes miss we mumbled apart from Robert who

was still sobbing his heart out,

a tall gangly ginger lad said he's a right pansy, if he was he would enjoy dressing like a girl,

snapped Dereck,the mature sensible one,


at home time I walked to the school gates ignoring a few cat calls,

the mousey girl was standing with a skinny washed out fair haired girl, "Mousey" gave me a shy

smile, I smiled back, hello I said, her friend moved off,

"I'm oh so sorry" she said,  oh it wasn't your fault, that other lass was nasty tho,  oh! her she's a pig,

can I walk you home I said, I don't why it just slipped out I was normally shy with girls,

(tho of course I lusted after the attractive unobtainable ones like blondie from the store room)

  yes please that will be great she gushed,

hanging around the school gates was discouraged, what's your name I asked,

Oh! its Alma, oh that's nice I said,

I had never had a girlfriend tho I had fantasised over some of the more glamorous girls in the school,

never would have looked at little  "plain Jane"  Alma,

we better not hang around, yes she agreed we just naturally began walking together,

we stopped near her house If my mum sees me with a lad she will nag me something rotten,

can I see you again I blurted out, oh yes I'm free tomorrow, I normally go to the dance at the church

hall we could meet outside seven thirty,

oh! that's great I replied, see you there then she said craning her neck and looking up at me her eyes

closed, oh! I realised she expected a kiss, I bent down and pressed my lips gently to hers,

avoiding touching her my hands down at my sides,

she opened her eyes and smiled that was lovely she said huskily,

"Alma where on earth are you" its my mum, you better go, I quickly turned and crossed the road,

met two lads from school,

Almas mum had appeared "oh there you are, look at the time get in the house now you scatterbrain,

as Alma scuttled past, her mum landed a terrific smack on the girls bottom,

ouch! I bet that hurt, one of my friends said,

yeah she's a right tarter that one gives the poor lass a hell of a life,

are youse dating? one of my classmates asked suddenly,

um, well yeah I suppose so, suppose, so don't you know, Ralph laughed, if I was dating a lovely lass

like Alma, I think I would know, Terry added, oh! we are going to the dance on Saturday, I said,

great, might see you there, just make sure you get Alma home by ten or her mum will be on the

doorstep, with the leather strap in her hand,

I felt and icy chill run up my spine, I shuddered, the thought of my little Alma as I now considered

her being hit with the leather strap filled me with dread,

"I've got to be home by ten or my mum will kill me" Alma stated we must leave at nine thirty.

but it only takes ten minutes to walk to your house I said naively.

yes but we want some time alone don't we, oh! yes of course,

the penny dropped I was really slow in those days, we would have fifteen minutes or to to snog,

we detoured slightly to Almas friends house the privet shielded garden,

a dark porch room for both couples to go into a clinch, My arms around Little Alma,

I leant down and began a passionate snog, it was fantastic why had I waited so long to find a


its time Sonia whispered coming up for air Alma and me headed to Almas house just leave me here

see you in school she said and dashed off,

Well I had learned some valuable lessons, 1. that adults were stupid bullies.

2.  that having long blonde hair, wearing  make up and trendy clothes didn't make you a nicer person, value the friendship of "little Alma" and the schoolmates who stuck by me,

PS. the head was correct Robert didn't play for the school footie team again,

a few days later his body (or what was left of it)was found on the west coast main line.

Friday, 13 October 2017

A Shock For Kathleen prt 2. Revenge,



 So my best friend Moira was still my pal,

and I still harboured thoughts of revenge on Melanie  "the queen mod bitch" love to see her thick

glutinous mascara running down her ugly posh face as  she cried her spoilt little eyes out after a

O'Farrell slippering,

and strangely it came to pass,

Melanie detached her self from her cronies and headed my way,if she wanted to fight I was ready,

before she couls speak I slapped her face and swung a punch she blocked it easily and grabbed my tie I got a handful of her hair and tugged,

she responded by pulling my tatty locks gave me a deadleg, it killed I nearly fainted,

next thing I was on my back, she was on top of me,slapped my hand away from her hair,by now there were calls of "cat fight"

pupils were running to wathch our pathetic show, I was near tears, I imagined I would beat posh bitch

Melanie easily,

I realised my skirt was rucked up, showing my un-fashionable white cotton knickers, the jeers of the

lads rung in my ears I flung my hands in front of my face not to protect me from melanies blows but

the shame the humiliation,

are we quits? melamine said breathlessly, before I could answer I felt her weight lift off my prone

body, hands roughly dragged me to my feet a teacher had dragged Melanie clear of me.

my skirt still ruckred up around my waist,my knickers still on show we were marched to O'Farrells


pull your skirt down you little trollop Miss Millighann rasped, I obeyed as best I could,

the cat calls and jeers still ringing in my ears,

but I had the satisfaction of knowing that queen mod la di da Melanie was going to have her trendy

panties dusted by O'Farrells slipper,

my prayers were answersed my attendance at early mass and my pleas to God were rewarded tho if it

was morally correct to inrtercede with the almighty to cause a teenage girl to be chastised when if

truth be told she had done me no harm was doubtful,

The Headmistresses Study.

miss its my fault I started it Kathleen did nothing wrong, Melanie said pleadingly,

don't you worry about that one, I've informed your mum that I can only give you six with the

slipper so after I've done with you and you arrive home your mother will be meeting you on the

doorstep wooden backed hairbrush in her hand.

Melanies face fell the pretty teenager was not far off tears,

why had she interceded on my behalf I had started the fight,

and if truth was told was coming off worst,

bend o'farrl rasped, melanie obeyed going over the back of the chair the head tugged her skirt clear of her bottom, of course she was wearing skimpy cotton panties,

I couldn't help noting she had a nice bottom and shapely thighs, thwack! O'Farrell wasted no time in

commencing melanies spanking,

my turn as I bent over I pulled up my skirt and wiggled my bum, thwack! ouch! the pig had lashed

the slipper across the top of my bare thighs it was agony,

that doesent count as one of your six you little madam,

we walked to Melanie's  house,her grim faced mum answered the door,

 please don't hit Your Melanie,I  pleaded, it was all my fault,

mum We are going to listen to Gene Pitney, oh ok not to loud mind you,

thanks for speaking to my mum, Melanie said smiling,

least I could do you spoke up for  me to that bitch  O'Farrell,

her smile was beaming made me feel all gooey inside,

before I realised we were in each others arms,

our lips met,we kissed it was heavenly, oh!I'm sorry, I said as we broke free, oh no please do it

again,she said in a husky voice,

we kissed and cuddled thru both sides of the Gene Pitney's lp.

we arranged to meet in town on sat morn do some girly shopping,

I floated home on walking on air, I had never kissed a lad but kissing Melanie was so much better,

you're spending a lot of time with Melanie these days, Moira said as we sat on the park bench

watching the diucks on the pond,

it not like that Moira you're still my best friend,

I'm going to tell you something and if you get up and walk away I won't blame you,

oh! sounds juicy,  well Melanie shes like my boyfriend 'cept she's a lass I said hesitantly, blushing

looking at the ground anywhere but my friends face,

whaaat! you mean you're a dirty rotten lezza? um yes  I suppose so, so your still my best friend,

but Melanie she s likre well my lover , I spluttered my voice breaking,

do you kiss? yes touch? we cuddle each other I stammered, I bet you do you sexy little bitch,

How ever much I valued Moiras friendship I wasn't going to go into intimate details,

oh!its ok your dirty littlre secrets safe with me.

oh! well that's a shock but I still love you does your mum know?  Christ I 'd be dead, don't you go

saying anything, oh! ok your dirty little secret is safe with me.

and for the time being my secret was safe.