Wednesday, 13 November 2019



She was in good shape for her early fifties,could easily pass for late twenties or early thirties,

swimming, tennis and regular rounds of golf kept her fit, pale skinned despite a recent Caribbean

holiday. in the master bedroom she dressed quickly,

a black bra with white lace trim, matching satiney panties, a black suspender belt she attached black

opaque stockings, she took a navy blue knee length dress from the bedroom wardrobe quickly pulled

it over her head she smoothed  down her short ash blonde hair,

he strode into the room  he stood over six foot tall, close cropped steel grey hair, plain white T-shirt,

black tracksuit bottoms bare footed,

get that dress off he snapped she reached back felt for the zipper realised she had only pulled it up

halfway in her hurry to dress, she hung her dress on a hanger mean while  he had placed the upright

dining room chair in the space between the bed and the dressing table,

he sat and let his eyes take in her sexy lingerie, very nice my dear he hissed, get here now,

he indicated a spot by his side she approached him gingerly,

you know what we are here for? yes she whispered her voice husky, he took hold of her upper arm,

gently guiding her over his knee, juggling her into position satisfied he raised his right arm and

brought the palm of his right hand smartly down on the centre of her right cheek she gasped,

at the shock of the first spank, he quickly repeated his action smacking her left cheek it stung thru the

satiney material of her panties, getting into his rhythm he launched a salvo of hard spanks to the

centre of her pantie clad bottom,

after a dozen hard spanks to the centre of each of her curvaceous  bottom cheeks,

he paused, lets lose the panties shall we, it was a rhetorical question, he hooked two nicotine stained

fingers into the waistband of her sexy underwear, easing the silky garment clear of her well rounded

bottom, two milky white orbs with a splash of red in the centre of each cheek, "right it's time you

were taught a lesson you won't forget in a hurry" he snarled before crashing his calloused palm down

on to her unprotected bottom, a loud crack echoed around the master bedroom,

she yelped he was spanking her bare bottom much harder than the mild smacks he had landed on the

seat of  her black lacy panties, her chastisement had started in earnest, her poor bare bottom was in

for a torrid time,

A Mature Lady Receives A Spanking Similar To Mollies. 

smack!  thwack! his hand beat out a rapid tattoo as he spanked her bare bottom as hard as he could

showing no mercy. he was a large powerfully built man still possessing the strength of a much

younger man,

he had the patience and guile to mete out an exemplify chastisement, taking his time he smacked his

palm down on her naked bottom, pausing momentarily then unleashing another stinging spank,

Mollie was undergoing the spanking from Hell (and by the time he had finished with her, her bottom

would be as hot as Hades,)

Giles preferred hand spanking rather than slipper or hairbrush so he could drag it out,  she was on the

receiving end of the worst bare bottom hand spanking there was,

he liked her over his knee like a naughty teenager, he loved the undignified position she was in face

almost touching the bedroom  carpet, a grown adult a wife and mother, made to dress in sexy lingerie

like some cheap tart, oh yes he loved to humiliate her, all she had ever done was show him respect,

she had bore him three children, been a good wife and mother, one Sunday afternoon she had dressed

as a teenage schoolgirl and bent over the desk in his study, let him give her six of the best, with a

bamboo cane, she told him hit me as hard as you like "I'm a naughty girl" he had obliged lashing the

heavy duty school cane down on the seat of her navy blue school skirt,   painful but over in minutes,

but no he wanted the long drawn out spanking sessions,

and what Giles wanted Giles got,

she had an aching back from being in this position for so long,  toes scrabbling  into the thick pile of

the bedroom carpet, calves cramping,

she was an intelligent educated woman with a responsible job, only a few days ago she had occasion

to reprimand two giggly girls, junior members of her team, oh how they would laugh now to see her

over her husbands knee bare bottom glowing red like a sunset, tears flowing from her sobbing eyes,

nose running, gasping like a fish out of water,

smack!  aroused from her reverie, Giles was increasing the frequency and force of his spanks,

it must be near the end suddenly she felt her limp body being half dragged half  carried to the bed

laying her face down he entered her, sliding quickly in to her moist wetness,

she climaxed quickly she felt him unloosen her bra, he turned her on to her straddling her he entered

her wetness thrusting hard,  yes, yes she moaned oh yes please he increased the speed and the

intensity of his thrusts, she came again crashing down in waves, at last she was spent,

perhaps a spanking wasn't so bad after all.



Friday, 8 November 2019

JUSTICE FOR JASMINE. A cocky sixthformer learns a bitter lesson.


My twin sister bent over the back of the chair where I had just vacated, I quickly pulled up my

wranglers, I couldn't help notice jasmines bottom was well rounded and curvy quite sexy,

my blue eyed, goodie two shoes, grammar school swot of a sister was turning in to an  attractive

young woman,  a sixthform teenager at the local grammar,

her little panties were stretched tightly across her bottom, trendy fashionable panties but they were

doing her no favours, leaving segments of her shapely bottom bare, and the material gossamer thin,

well believe it or not goodie two shoes had been given a joint by one of her fellow sixth former,

did I want to try it, why not neither of us smoked,

we lit it and inhaled our coughing fit turned into giggles,    what! is going on, it was mum a battle axe

of the first order,

were gerrin high mum have a toke Jasmined said waving the joint in mums face,

mum dashed it from her hand and stamped it out,

I wont tolerate this you can both pack your bags and get out now,

that jolted my sister out of her fuzzy state, where will I go, "you can go to St. Margots for all I care"

she was referring to the old folks home always desperate for staff to live in, a roof over their heads

and a pittance of a wage none of the lasses stayed long,the matron and her cronies had no

compunction about slapping the young school leavers about,she ruled with a rod of iron, mum I can't

go there,Jasmine wailed oh!to proud to wipe some old biddys backside but you don't mind bringing

that rubbish in to my house, oh mum I'll miss my A.levels lose my place at university, she wasn't far

off tears,

you should have thought about that sooner, please mum let me stay I'll accept any punishment,

go on mum the lass is sorry, I can bunk up with mates, you can't expect Jazz to go to that place,

mum turned to my sister,well Ill give you a real old fashioned Irish Catholic spanking,

 I'm telling you now. and you can stay but its your last chance, oh thanks mum, jazz cried with relief,

but your brother gets the same I laughed I'm a bit big to go over your knee mum,

ok,you can both leave now that's my descision, oh!Mick please just for me,jazz pleaded, I was soft

hearted soft headed as well.

drop your jeans and bend over the chair,with a grin to jazz I did so ouch!mum wasted no time in

whacking my backside with the hair brush, it killed she was a strong bitch,

I gingerly eased my denims up and fastened my Jack Daniels buckle,

one other thing you've got half term coming up, I will arrange for you to stay at St.Margots

for two weeks, you can find out what its like to do that sort of work for a living and if you get a slap

or two off the matron so be it.

oh! mum what ever, Jasmine said not far from tears,

ok mum noded at the chair my sister bent over her short mini rode up exposing her nicely rounded

bottom, in those skimpy scanties she loved to flaunt,

stay still and don't try and escape, mum raised her arm and lashed the heavy wooden backed hairbrush down on jasmines bottom,
ouch! mum continued to spank Jasmines bottom, she was laying it on hard, sis was sobbing yelping

and groaning,and no wonder mum was going to town on Jasmines well rounded curvy bottom,

I was surprised at my sisters stoicism I had expected her to jump up and run for it after half a dozen

spanks with the hairbrush, but to give the lass credit she stayed over the chair,

she was in a sorry state when it was over,   I helped her upstairs to her room,

Monday morning Jasmine reported to the matron at St.Margots old peoples home,

well McKecknie I know your mother well and she has informed me that you are a headstrong,

self opinionated young madam, but I'm warning you now any misbehaviour and I will be down on

you like a ton of bricks,  "you look like a ton of bricks"

Jasmin thought to her self  built like a brick outhouse as her brother would say,

you will share with Lesley Murphy, tie your hair back and get that make up off your face and put this

on she threw a navy blue smock at the pretty teenager, Murphy take the new girl to your room then

report to Mrs Dolan,

oh and McKecknie lose the mini skirt and tights, while you are here you will wear only your

underwear the uniform dress and the plimsolls, understood,  yes miss, the chastened sixthformer

replied in a timid voice,

she followed leasley to the room stripping to her bra and panties she quickly washed her face, tied

back her long black hair,

and pulled the rough scratchy  dress over her head, it fitted just about, the hem rested  a couple of

inches below her knees,

oh well they all dressed the same,

you two can work in the kitchen for now, Mrs Dolan snapped at them when they reported for duty,

Jazz went looking for Lesley she founfd her smoking near the rubbish bins,

its the strap for the pair of you, get to my office now, The Matron hissed at the two nervous girls,

Jasmine recalled seeing a photo of a girl receiving the tawse(tho the schoolgirl looked to be in her twenties,)

Jasmine spoke up she's old enough to smoke and she deserves a break we've been in the kitchen

since before breakfast,oh! you're the shop steward now are you,the matron had produced the strap,

to Jasmines surprise it was not a traditional Scottish tawse, but a leather spanking paddle,

Lesley's normally ruddy face was ashen, she allowed Dolan to guide her over the desk,

pulling the young woman's dress clear of her bottom, she wore white cotton panties,

apparently Dolan was to chastise Lesley she quickly began lashing the heavy duty paddle against

the woman's bottom, Lesley squealed and yelled thru out her spanking, she had received six per

cheek, now it was the turn off Jazz to face retribution,the matron tapped the heavy duty leather

spanking paddle against the palm of her left hand, Jasmine gulped,the time had come,

lift your dress and bend over the desk, Matron hissed in a voice that brooked no argument,

the pretty teenager approached the polished wood desk, slowly pulled the hem of the scratchy blue

dress clear of her shapely bottom and she bent over the desk gripping the far edge with her finger

tips she was terrified but would attempt to receive her chastisement without giving the matron and

Dolan the satisfaction of seeing her tears tho inwardly she knew it was a vain hope, get

ready McKechnie the matron hissed, the teenager realised that the matron was in front of her 

gripping her wrists, she was surprised the Matron was not spanking her, knowing the dislike she

had shown her,ouch! arghhh! Jasmine yelped and gasped the paddle had smacked the back of her

thighs just below her bottom,it was agony, left then righ eeech" the paddle struck again,just below

the first two whacks, eight smacks four per leg, Jazz was sobbing, she coulnt be brave, 

both legs from immediately below her bottom to just above her knee were covered in angry red

blotches she would be black and blue by morning, can you take over here please Mrs. Dolan

she heard the matron using her nicey- nicey voice it was only when Dolan gripped her wrists she

realised they had swapped places, the wicked bitches,  of course the Matron despised her she

would be gone in a few days back at the girls high school preparing for her A. levels,

they wasn't going to let this opportunity pass they could spank poor Lesley when ever they liked

like most of the girls she was stuck here until she could find some lad, any lad to marry her,

Jasmine was resigned to her fate in a couple of days she would be back at home with her mum and

big brother the big daft lump she wished he were here now, the matron smiled more a smirk,

she feasted her eyes on the young stuck up little madams large well rounded bottom, barely covered

by the trendy panties, the twin  orbs were milky white where her trendy mod panties left bare

teenage flesh on display,

thwack! ouch!  Jasmine yelped at the first spank of the leather paddle smacked her left cheek, then

the right, the well built woman was laying it on hard six spanks to the centre of each cheek,

the pain was excruciating, Jasmine sobbed groaned, thwack the paddle hit a bare section of skin,

and again repeatedly smacking the paddle down on the bare segments now retuturning to the

centre of the teenagers bottoms a dozen per cheek and the marton let the paddle drop, take her to 

your room and stay there she snapped at Pooer sobbing Lesley,

Dolan pulled the distraught sixthformer to her feet and pushed her towards Lesley,

held open the dootr,Lesley guided the bigger girl to their room lying her  face down on the bed, she eased down Jazzs

panties gasping at the sight of her bottom, both girls had a restless night, working undisturbed in the

kitchen the next day.
Jasmine brushed out her long dark hair, a touch of lippy and a dash of mascara,

the scratchy blue work dress lay discarded on the narrow bed,

she gave Lesley a big hug, I hope you get out of here soon, perhaps you could marry our Michael,

er thanks but no thanks I think Ill take my chances here, Lesley said laughing.

The End.

Friday, 28 June 2019

Aliteration 1 .amended version.


project 17/18.


how the story unfolded.

the start of the backlash. A new slant on an old story, newspaper editors loved alliteration in

their headlines. local newspapers in particular. a headline in the late sixties read.

The Debchester News.

the front page headline read.

Sisters in short skirt schoolgirls spanking storm.

The front page read.

a storm has arisen over the decision of a local convent school to slipper a number of teenage


the article went on to explain, that  despite several warnings, the vast majority of girls were still

wearing extremely short skirts in defiance of school rules.

a dozen girls from the fourth- form were selected to be slippered as an example to the others,

they were made to report to the headmistresses study at hometime on Friday,

after a lecture on their bad behaviour each girl was spanked in turn, they all received six whacks with

the slipper.

due to the brevity of their skirts they were slippered on their panties,

A spokesnun said she hoped all the girls at the convent would adhere to the rules.

                                DEBCHESTER NEWS.

Shock as mums back spanking nuns.

In a surprise move mothers of girls attending  The Little Sisters of Colton Convent School

have backed the decision by the nuns to spank girls for wearing mini-skirts,

mums of girls who weren't slippered are promising to spank their their little madams,

as some mums told our reporter they never brought home the letter explaining the dress code they just

went on wearing these ridiculous indecent skirts,

all the mums said they would be spanking their daughters, these teenagers will learn to do as they are

told we are sick to death of this so called permissive society,

there are going to be some very sore teenage bottoms in Colton over the next few days,

and its spreading teenage girls at two nearby schools have been banned from wearing mini-skirts on

pain of a slippering,

The Coal Lane Secondary Modern and the Colton Girls Grammar School have banned mini-skirts

with immediate effect.


a mass meeting of mums with daughter attending Debchestershire schools held at County Hall.

called for the ban on mini-skirts to be extended countywide,

amd also for a tightening up of the dress code,a ban on makeup, untidy hair and nylon tights,

and for the re-introduction and or the strengthening of corporal punishment,

the guild of head teachers.

the well respected guild has given its wholehearted backing to the


tho we have always advocated that corporal punishment should be used sparingly we realise it has a

place in most schools.

they have issued a set of guidelines for teachers who have to chastise teenage schoolgirls.

The Guild Guidelines

a. Chastisement should be carried out in private by a senior female teacher.

b.the chastisement should always be administered to the girls bottom.

c. the chastisement should be administered on one layer of clothing. ie. panties.

d,.  the slipper can be used on girls aged twelve tru eighteen.

e.  for serious or repeated  infractions girls aged fifteen to eighteen can be caned,

 on the bottom using a suitable cane.

f.. smacking on the back of the legs is permitted.

g.  punishments can be mixed,

these guidelines were swiftly adopted nationwide.

the backlash is spreading.       its nationwide.

wider scope



The backlash once thought of as local phenomonen has spread across the whole country,

the London trendies who once mocked the concerned mums as village yokels have had to eat

humble pie,

Tristam de Villiers, owner of a trendy boutique told our reporter, we are no longer stocking minis,

all my assistants will be wearing midis or maxis on Monday,


It was the sun that done it.

the suns campaign to ban schoogirls from wearing micro minis has succeeded,

school after school,  town after town, minis are being banned, any trendy dolly bird who comes to

school sporting a mini-skirt faces having to bend for the slipper,and having her panties dusted,


Mini ban responsible for  maxi disruption to the econmy,

Who would ever have thought that a group of nuns spanking their teenage pupils for wearing mini-

skirts would have such a maxi effect on the economy,

sales of teenage fashions,nylon tights(essential with micrto minis) pop singles, make up and  teen

magazines have plummeted,

while sales of spanking paddles have soared,

Trish Haverton - Millington, editor of Trish magazine stated we are altering our storylines to show

badly behaved girls being chastised,

our illustrators have been told to depict girls wearing knee length skirts,

Protest march.

A protest march staged by mini-skirt wearing teenage girls was broken up by the police and the angry

mums of the unruly teenagers,

many of the angry mums could not wait to get their  daughters home and began spanking the girls

mini-skirted bottoms,

much to the amusement and approval of the watching onlookers,

Arrests, the long arm of the law swung into action,

the ringleaders were arrested and taken before a magistrate who ordered both girls to receive twelve

strokes of the cane,

both teenage protesters faced summery justice,

the magistrates sentence was carried out almost immediately,

the miscreants were driven in a police car to a nearby grammar school and the sentences was carried


the headmaster carried out the punishment in his study,

each of the rebel leaders received twelve of the best, or in this case twelve of the worst as the heavy

bamboo cane was administered to their pantie clad bottoms,

the two chastened girls were then returned to their parents, (possibly to face further chastisenment at

the hands of their mums,)

A headmaster administers a caning similar to that given to Amy and her fellow protester,


Our reporter spoke to Amy K. the alleged ringleader, she was at home recovering from her judicial


she is a intelligent and  polite teenager in the upper sixth of her school, tall with a mass of red hair,

we wern't ringleaders we just went along for a laugh,

I think the police dragged me out because I'm tall and have the ginger hair, Beccy was just with me so

they grabbed her as well,

we thought we would be held in the police station until our mums came for us, but the took us before

a magistrate, he sat at a table we stood there in front of him,

he gave us a lecture about our disgraceful behaviour, then he said "you will both receive twelve

strokes of the cane" I thought whaat! my brother got one on each hand for breaking a school window

and his hand was black and blue, then I realised it would be on our bottoms, totally embarrassing and

humiliating, but that was the idea I suppose,

we were taken straight to the grammar school around the corner,

the one near the park with the boating lake, I had played netball there a couple of times for


we were ushered into the to the headmasters study, he was a seedy looking chap  evil looking,

he  stank of pipe tobacco,

he grinned at us, he had yellow crooked teeth.

it was wrong we should have been chastised by a female teacher, the magistrate, a female teacher,

the police sgt and a young wpc were there as witnesses, they were all member of the same lodge

apparently, not the wpc of course,

 we didn't hve to touch our toes, we had to bend over the back of an upright wooden chair

I gripped the front of the seat as hard as I could the lady pressed lightly on my shoulders in case I

tried to escape I imagine, "be brave it will soon be over" she whispered in my ear,

of course we had worn our

shortest minis for the demo, my skirt rode up exposing my bottom I was wearing tiny lacy panties

they didn't cover much,

I heard the swish then thwack it stung at first, not to bad I thought then it started to feel sore,

swish thwack! ouch that killed then another it was agony my bottom was on fire,

I've never experienced anything like it, three, four, five I lost count my bottom was on fire,

I'd yelped and squealed at the first few strokes, then I just sobbed gasping for breath it was a

nightmare I couldn't wake from,

I could feel the individual strokes hitting different areas of my bottom,  the bamboo cane was cutting

into my flesh, my whole bottom was on fire, he was laying it on hard,

at last it was over the teacher helped me to stand against the wall, tears were gushing from my eyes,

I clasped my hands to my bottom it was swollen the pain was indescribable, I was moaning

incoherently thru my tears I saw poor Becky being led to the chair she's a tiny little thing barely

turned sixteen,

I heard the cane hitting her bottom then her scream, she sobbed, cried and squealed all the way

thru her caning, at last it was over she was distraught, I put my arms around her hugged her tried to

comfort her we were quickly led back outside into a car and driven home,

my mum started to harangue me then realised the state I was in she left me to lie on my bed,

face down of course,

next day it was one Hugh bruise, my poor bottom, I couldn't even bare to put my panties on just

wore my nightie and dressing gown all day,

Of course on Monday I had to don my uniform for school, since "the backlash" they have

withdrawn  sixth form privileges, we have to wear the same uniform as the rest of the school,

white cotton briefs, white knee socks, navy blue pleated skirt worn at knee length of course,

white blouse and

stupid stripey tie, and of Course hair tied back and make up free. oh and how could I forget black

clumpy lace up shoes,

how was your reception at school, oh great the girls were sympathetic,  especially the ones who had

joined the demo. some were worried they would be hauled in for a caning but  no more was heard

they had all been spanked by their mums when they got home,

                                                             THE END.

ps. its interesting to wonder how society would have turned out if the backlash had actually happened,

Monday, 20 May 2019


              PENANCE 3. Betrayal?

I was alone in the small café, I heard my name, tho there are plenty of  Yvonnes around

in my age group, Oh hello I said it was my son-in-law, Scott a likeable rogue, tho technically no

longer my son in law having divorced from my scatterbrain of a daughter, he joined me for

coffee, when my daughter first started dating Scott I was pleasantly surprised, intelligent, go ahead,

charming and  polite quite a catch for my underwhelming  daughter,

tho my hub was not so keen, his parents were charming tho they seemed to have reservations,

not because they thought my daughter was not good enough for their son quite the reverse,

I soon found that tho he had no trouble finding a job he couldn't keep one for long and his get rich

quick schemes would have made Arthur Daly blush,

but his treatment of my Chloe was above reproach,

have you been renting your place out? whaat?  I said, people rent out cottages, apartments and some

 times pornographers will rent them and shoot videos, without the owners knowing,

I was doing some research and  a sidebar popped up I was just about to close it when I thought look

at that hideous ornament and those garish curtains it looks like Evies place,

I ignored his dig at my décor, and the silly diminutive of my name,

well I had a quick glance and it was two old nanas spanking each others bums, he continued,

oh! I'll have to look at that I said wondering what on earth was going on, I'll email you a link to it

when I get home,   thanks I said,

mature ladies enjoy a spanking session

I clicked on the the link, yes that did look like my lounge, a woman in a flowery frock was being bent

over another womans knee, her panties down her bare bottom was exposed,

I scrolled on the ladies were changing places, the second woman was being given a hell of a

spanking,the heavy wooden backed hairbrush was smashing down on her bare bottom

my bare bottom, I felt sick I ran to the kitchen sink, I wretched but wasn't actually sick,

I was tearful, how could my friend betray me like this,

recovering my composure I sat and watched the rest of the video, it was obvious to me what Josie

was doing when she had guided me after my spanking, my bare bottom was clearly visible red raw

glowing like a sunset,

and then I felt sick again Josie turned me again front to the hidden camera, despite my hands to my

face, it was plain to see  that  my eyes were  red raw, tearstained, my body wracked with sobs,

and the final humiliation, my pretty flowery frock still rucked up my pot belly and pudgy thighs on

display, and between them my black bush on show for all the world to see.

could she not have spared me that, I felt like jumping in my little car and driving round to her house

and dragging her into the front street and beating her to a pulp,

then I calmed somewhat revenge is a dish best served cold they say,

I might even enlist Scott to help me plot revenge,

with some trepidation I entered the church for the Wednesday bible session, oh is Josie not with you,

no I haven't seen her since Sunday I stammered,

I drove past Josies house" a to rent sign was up, two workmen were standing by,

I approached are you interested they said I didn't know this was to rent, oh! some yobs pulled down

the sign,

getting home I reopened the web site, there were thumbnails of various storys all involving

spanking, caning etc, there I almost shouted out loud, it was Josie (if that was her name)

she wore a navy skirt suit, she looked strict she was lecturing a young teenager, then she ordered the

slim young woman to bend over the table, the girls short skirt rode up her nicely rounded bottom was

clad in tiny lacy panties,

"Josie" began spanking the girl with a hairbrush, after quite a few hard spanks she pulled the young

woman's panties down, the girl mumbled no please thru her tears,

Josie or whoever she was began to spank the girls bare bottom, my bottom could testify to her

expertise with the hairbrush, talking of hairbrushes wasn't that mine she must have purloined it,

before she left my house the thieving bitch,

so they had used my home without paying me a penny, and I'd been an unpaid actress, done up like a

kipper as Scott would say,

heaven knows how many pervy blokes would see my bare bottom, and the rest, the bitch appeared in

several other

videos usually as a headmistress punishing some of her pupils, or a strict mum chastising her


I began sobbing quietly I knew there was nothing I could do, I had underwent a real penance piercing

my self importance, The Good Lord had certainly punished me.

the end.

Friday, 22 March 2019



All those who practice penance spanking or self spankings for satisfaction,

will be aware that the general consensus is that it is extremely difficult to spank oneself as hard as a

partner would, it is advised to use a heavier implement than your partner (assuming you have one)

would normally use.

in my recent post I described a typical penance, i.e.. kneeling in prayer on a hard floor followed by a

self spanking.

but I have recently began attending a newly opened Evangelical Church,

I met a lady who was also new to the church, we hit it off immediately,

we met for coffee,  I imagined we would go for shopping trips and days out, as our relationship grew,

I call her my twin,  tho she doesn't resemble me in looks she is much prettier, I say twins in that we

are both short and plump, dark haired tho our hair is silver we neither feel the need for colouring,

happy as God intended us to be,

during our chats we both discovered that we have similar feelings with regard to penance,

she told me she kneels in prayer as I do, but told me she needed something more,

I took the plunge tho it might end our friendship, I blushed and stared down at my latte as I

hesitatingly confessed, to self flagellation,

I waited for her to storm out, imagining she would relate my awful behaviour to the church

congregation meaning I would be to ashamed to show my face,

my hand trembled rattling my coffee cup in its saucer, I felt her warm hand cover mine,

Yvonne don't be scared I respect what you have told me, I wish I had the courage to do the same,

do you use a whip? oh no I replied quickly, just spanking the slipper or hairbrush, that sounds great

she enthused,we could help each other I said in a tiny croaky voice, oh yes she gushed, that will be

wonderful, so we arranged our first penance session,

we both wore pretty, floaty, flowery dresses just below the knee,

we dined in a little bistro, we were regulars, Josie flirted outragously with the young Italian waiters,

she definitely deserved a spanking,

back at my bungalow, we stripped to our bras and panties, kneeling in prayer for half an hour,

then pulling our dresses over our heads,

we had decided what form our penance would take, I placed a wooden dining room chair in a suitable place

in the lounge, I sat  on the chair heavy wooden backed hairbrush in hand, Josie here I snapped

indicating a spot to my right, my pal obeyed instantly,

dress I barked, she slowly raised her dress clear of her pudgy thighs and revealed her well rounded

bottom, she was wearing lacy panties, drop them I said, she eased her panties down to mid thigh,

I guided her over my knee, right you disobedient little minx I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't

forget in a hurry, I was determined to make this sinner rue her bad behaviour,

with a resounding smack the hairbrush smacked against the milky white flesh of Josie's buttock,

and again I smacked the heavy wooden backed hairbrush down on my friends bare bottom,,

I was laying it on hard, determined to punish this sinner, you'll regret your sinful behaviour by the

time I'm finished with you I snarled,

Josie was whimpering, giving little cries as the heavy wooden backed hairbrush struck her bare

bottom repeatedly,

at last her ordeal was over, here stand in this corner and hold your dress up I snapped at my friend she

did so displaying her well spanked bottom, it glowed like a sunset she must be in agony,

after ten minutes or so her sobbing was reduced to sniffling,

a sorry sight for a mature educated woman her well spanked bottom glowing fiery red,

her panties around her ankles,

after ten minutes I led her to the middle of the lounge we knelt in prayer, soon it would be my turn to

perform penance for my sins,

we stood Josie was red eyed from crying, her face red, she pulled up her panties wincing as she

smoothed them over her ample bottom,

she smoothed down her pretty floral frock,

it was my time to face the music,

"get here you sinner" she hissed, I shuddered at the sound of her voice, my plump little bottom was in

for a torrid time in no mistake,

I steeled my self and stood by her side,  dress she snapped I lifted my pretty Laura Ashley frock clear

of my pantie clad bottom, I shuddered as I felt her finger grip the waistband of my lacy panties,

she quickly whipped them to mid  thigh,

thwack! ouch! thwack! eeech! without ceremony Josie was smashing the heavy wooden backed

hairbrush down onto the centre of my cheeks, alternating each hard smack, she continued to spank

my bare bottom, I could feel my milky white orbs turning crimson by the second, she was relentless,

obviously Josie was spanking me much harder than I spanked myself, she could bring the hairbrush

down really hard  hitting mty bare bottom with some degree of force, where as I when spanking my


had to reach back and its not possible to really connect with the bare flesh of my bottom,

being right handed the left cheek tends to miss out, no such situation tonight Josie could aim her

spanks at the centre of each buttock, spanking the centre of each of my bare cheeks, then

concentrating on the upper and lower segments, making sure no part of my poor sinners bottom

escaped the punishing hard wooden back of the expertly wielded hairbrush,

it was agony torment it seemed to go on forever my bottom was aflame my attempts to pray

for the good lords forgiveness for my sins had dissolved into sobs and cries of anguish,

Josie concentrated a salvo of hard spanks to the edge of my right cheek so far untouched it was

agonising, I didn't know so much pain existed,

nothing mattered my family, my friends, my home, my whole universe was concentrated on my

bottom, it glowed pulsated with pain, each spank, spank after spank became one torrent of agony,

at last it was over,

I lay across Josies lap, a dead weight, my bottom throbbing with pain,

stand up" Josie snapped I struggled to my feet, tears still pouring from my red eyes,

"Hands on head" she snapped turning me ever so slightly, her hands on my heaving shoulders,

guiding me as I shuffled my lacy panties around my ankles,

she turned me completelt around go and stand there she hissed I shuffled to the wall my panties still

around my ankles, hands on head, I sobbed my heart out I was in agony, my bottom was on fire it felt

like a blowtorch had be applied to my tender flesh,

I had completed my first real penance. amen.


Monday, 25 February 2019

revenge of the flirt?

Revenge of the Flirt. or The Biter Bit.

The Deputy Headmasters study. Dalton Road Girls High School.

'll buy you a new phone otr a tablet, please tiffany. I could lose my job,weve just had our second

child my wife can't return to full time work our mortgage is crippling"  oh really thats tough, you

should have thought of that brfore you before you made a move on one of your pupils, oh come

on Tiff you were up for It, it was just a drunken fumble on my part, you're an upper sixth girl not a


the young woman was dressed in school uniform, the sixth form variant open necked blouse a tight

short navy blue skirt, bare legs,

What about my offer well I wouldn't want your darling wife and kiddies to suffer, so I'll except your

offer of a tablet,  his relief was palpable, but your not getting of that lightly,

oh you want the I phone as well.

no I'm not greedy,

remember when I was in the third form, me and two other girls were caught smoking,

you gave us the slipper,  "Tiffany I have had to chastise many girls over the years an onerous duty but

one I had to carry out" he replied,

well I remember, you told the other two to touch their toes and gave them each three whacks on the

seats of their skirts, not that hard either, you dismissed them,

you dragged out a chair and told me to bend over the back I was terrified of you in those days and I

did it immediately. scared to disobey,

I still shudder to this day, at what happened next I felt your great hairy hands grasp the hem of my


and you slowly raised it clear of my bottom,

I remember your words, "they're not the correct school knickers I'm going to have to give you extra

for that infraction of the dress code,"

so my fine gel its six for smoking and three more for those little panties you've chosen to wear,

then you began whacking me with the big slipper, you layed it on hard I was crying, before the first

six were over,  three on each cheek the final three across both buttocks,

 left your study in floods of tears sobbing my heart out,you were a cruel bastard, you didn't like me

and you got the chance to hurt and humiliate me,

that's not true I was disappointed in a young girl who could do so much better academically wasting

her own and her teachers time,

you were a trouble maker and a disruptive element the whole of your school career,

and now you flounce around in the sixth form in your mini-skirts flashing your cleavage,

do your poor parents know that you're going to leave here with a D. for A level art and nothing more

to show for seven years of secondary schooling,

well never mind that you havent been told the rest of your punishment for being a pervy teacher who

cheats on his pregnant wife,  "oh lets here it" he snapped,

yes lets you are going to get what I got a spanking on your panties, so drop your trousers and bend

over the chair,and lets see the snazzy boxers Julia bought you for Christmas, keep my wifes name out

of this,

your not fit to mention her name, I'll do as you ask, he undid his navy blue pants and let them drop to

the floor revealing vividly pattern silk boxers,

he bent over the back of the chair,

Tiffany gripped the long handled wooden bath brush tightly,


The Small Back Bedroom.

the best laid plans of mice and men go awry and so do the not very well planned schemes concocted

by silly teenagers tho being almost an adult herself Tiffany has brought down the wrath of her mum

and an angry wife and mother,

the wife has discovered Tiffany's scheme to exhort the tablet, given a choice between prosecution for

blackmail or chastisement she has chosen the latter,

The young woman sniffed, Tiffany held back the tears already gathering behind her baby blue

eyes, she was resigned to her fate, she obeyed the adults command and quickly bent over the back of

the wooden upright dining room chair the only one left of the set that had belonged to her gran, it had

been in the room that Tiffany had shared with her elder sister until Chloe had left to get married, it

had acted as a

depository for books, tights, panties, socks, teddy-bears, make up, and shoes but Tiffany couldn't

recall it ever being sat on, it had once been used for todays purpose, when the sisters had a rare

falling out

mum had broken up the noisy "cat fight" each sister was bent over the chair in turn and  had her 

bottom smacked, they had consoled each other with hugs and cuddles,

but no chance of that today, Tiffany was on her own, she missed Chloe, never more than today,

her big sister had been the template for Tiffany's school career,

despite her atrocious behaviour and terrible academic record she had some how managed to avoid

being expelled,

avoiding the ignominy of failing every exam she had fallen pregnant and left to get married,

her doting boyfriend had a well paid job.

once she had dropped a hint on a booze fuelled "sisters nite" Tiffany had asked why Chloe was never

expelled? oh the heads had faith in me, you mean he had a soft spot for you, well I had a spot he liked

or his slipper did any road,  she said giggling.

and now all of the schoolgirls plans had fallen apart here she was an upper sixth former,

bent over for a spanking,

                                               To clever by half now Tiffany pays the price.

                                              a spanking similar to the one Tiffany received.

by a srange quirk of fate her plans had been uncoverd by her mum and the Deputy Heads wife,

offered the chance of being chastised or being prosecuted for attempted blackmail she had chosen

to bend for the long handled bathbrush and the heavy wooden backed clothes brush.

she certainly wouldn't sit comfortably for days,

Not only to be spanked by her mum but also by the wife of the man she tried to ruin.

the angry mum and wife would go first. Tiffanys bottom was in for a torrid time, her mum stood arms

folded across her ample bosom,

grim look of satisfaction on her ugly bracket as Tiffany would often describe her mums attractive


The Deputy Heads wife was to go first, previously  a teacher at Tiffanys school she knew well the

sixth formers terrible discilpinery record she relished the opportunity to to give the spoilt little

madam the mother and father of a spanking,

even without the girls blackmail attempt she would have had no quarms in spanking the attractive

young womans bottom,

Tiffany bends as instructed, her navy blue mini rides up to display her shapely bottom, barely

covered by her lacy panties,

Julia begins spanking the teenager, laying it on hard, the crack of the brush as it hits her bare skin is

frightening, the sixth former yelps like a whipped dog, tears are falling she cries for mercy, none is

forthcoming , the angry wife wallops the woman who seduced her foolish husband, what woman

would not want to chastise the girl who slept with her husband, the common little slut will be made to

suffer, at last the first part of the pretty teenagers ordeal is over,

Mum puts her teenage daughter over her knee.

All ready sore and tearful from the first part of her chastisement, the humiliated sixth former 

has no choice but to accept her well earned spanking, over her mums knee totally embarrassing and

an utter humiliation for the attractive young woman.

sniffling and whimpering, she yelps as her mum begins spanking her barely covered bottom with

the heavy wooden backed clothes brush.

already in agony from her first spanking with the long handled bath brush,

at last her ordeal is over she lies face down on her bed and sobs and sobs,

if you think your lying around like a loppy dog you are very much mistaken,

 you can help me around the house, whaaat! I can hardly move I'm black and blue,

just do as your told. her mum hisses. I've been finding out a great deal about you in the last few


you will be revising for the exams every spare minute, straight home from school and getting the

books out, no gallivanting to pubs and discos, you will get a couple of decent grades or you will be

very sorry,

oh! mum. don't oh mum me, the Deputy Heads wife has agreed to coach you three  nights a week

and she has my permission to smack your bottom if you slack,  oh why couldn't I have left well


the attractive teenager sighed.

the end.



Fresh from my bath, a vigourous rub down with a large bath sheet,

naked,skin red from the hot water and the towelling,  I stand naked before the mirror,

not bad for my age, without my comfortable bra, no support tights or shaping knickers letting it all

hang out, make up free, I pull my simple plain linen shift over my head it hangs to just above the

knee, I kneel on the hard wooden floor and prey for forgiveness, my sins are all little ones but they

mount up.

I will remain kneeling for thirty minutes then the second part of my penance,

A Lady Kneels In Penance.

bending over the chair my shift pulled clear of my now white bottom, I grip the long handled bath

brush tightly in my right hand,

smack! the hard rigid surface of the bath brush hits my right cheek, smack! and now the left, it stings,

I continue spanking my bare bottom,

four,five six, my bottom is now stinging,

I had to steel myself to continue, taking a deep breath I lashed the bath brush down as hard as I could

smacking my rapidly reddening bottom, I was gasping, tears starting to flow,

please Lord Jesus help this sinner to accept just punishment,

another five ,six a dozen it was agony my bare bottom was aflame, I continued spanking my bottom

in a frenzy landing as many painful spanks as I could, at last my penance was complete,

I dropped the brush to the wooden floor with a clatter, I was sobbing profusely. tears ran down my

pale cheeks I was in agony,

I remained kneeling, sore but feeling an inner cleanliness my soul at peace,