Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Day Of The Tawse.


Morag looked at the three other girls who had been summoned to the deputy headmistresses office,

they waited in the corridor as instructed,

Mrs.McLoan arrived shook her head at the sight of the quartet, in trouble again. McKinnon she

sneered not that I'm aware of miss the short dark haired girl replied,

well see won't we,  the sour faced old bat replied and entered the heads study,

the door opened come in girls,  the four girls trooped into the study they had all been there many a

time before, to receive a telling off or to be given lines to write out,

ah! what have we here four of the most badly behaved girl in the school,

they all wore white blouses with striped tie,and grey skirts, all of them shorter in length than

schhoolrules demanded,

well the wee lassies back in my study,misbehaving again,causing disruption,messing about in class

and wearing mini-skirts, "theyre hardly minis, Morag interjected adding a sullen miss to her


ah! there we go young Miss McKinnon,  always the smart backchat,

well you will be pleased to know there will be no lines for you to write out,

the govenors in consultation with the teaching staff and parents have decided that the unruly element

that is dragging the school down must be nipped in the bud once and for all,

our collective wisdom is that the reintroduction of the tawse is the best solution,

your joking a tall slim girl with long blonde hair,blurted out no Moira we are not joking,

and you four will be the lucky recipients of the newly arrived tawse,

it will only be used by myself and Mrs.McLoan,

tho traditionally the tawse has been administered to the culprits hands,

but taking into account you have exams coming up and will need your writing hands in good

condition therefore the tawse will be administered to your bottoms,

I want to speak to my mam, Maggie the skinny red head said almost crying,

all of your parents have been consulted and all have given their full approval of your forth coming


yeah! they would wouldn't they Morag sneered yes and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a

belting when you get home that goes for all of you,

all four girls have indicated their sullen acceptance of their fate,

we should have been warned of this happening, an announcement in assembly.

so if you knew of the new disciplinary regime you would have improved your behaviour?

yes Morag said with a shrug, your honest anyway I'll say that for you,

the tawse was now on the Deputy Headmistresses  desk it looked scary, thick leather and twin forks

at the business end,

well McKinnon as de facto leader of this little gang perhaps you should go first,

bend over the desk she did so Mrs.McLoan held her down pressing on her shoulders, the Deputy

Headmistress flexed the heavy duty tawse a few times,McLoan pulled the short dark haired

schoolgirls skirt well clear of her bottom, she was wearing the navy blue school briefs,

Morag bends for the tawse.

Morags navy blue school knickers are on display.

get ready lassie,the deputy headmistress hissed,she adjusted her position and brought the tawse down

on the teenagers bottom,

the crack it made on impact with Morag's bottom must have been heard all over the school.

the schoolgirls scream must have been heard in the next town,

she quickly lashed the leather strap once more across the schoolgirls bottom,

Morag yelped the initial shock had worn off, she was sobbing quietly, giving little yelps at the next

couple of strokes of the tawse,

a louder cry as the fifth and sixth strokes landed across her plump bottom,

well done, Morag the deputy head said sofly as McLoan helpred her to stand, the teenager was

sniffing tears streaked her plump rosy cheeked face, she managed to speak,

you were very brave Morag, please miss the girl said thru her sobs and gasps, please miss can you

spare the others.Im sure they've learned a lesson seeimg me get a belting,

that's very generous of you after you have took a heck of a belting,she looked at her colleague,

she nodded, ok you three go back to your class and take heed behave or else,

your parents will be informed that you were not chastised today as planned,

and they can punish youse as they see fit,

yes miss thank you they chorused and scooted away as quick as they could,

c'mon Morag I'll run you home and I'll tell your mother what a brave wee lassie you are,

I'd rather crawl she thought but kept quiet, getting away an hour early, and in a car won't take long,

                                                             Morag bends for the tawse.

At home Morag ran upstairs to her room flinging the door shut, she burst intio a flood of tears,

wracked with sobs worse than the tears she shed after having her pantie clad bottom  tawsed,

McLone explained to Morags mum that her daughter had had a terricic belting and did not deserve

another good hiding,

the chastened school girl was called down to the lounge,

you wont be getting a belting from me this time but you better watch your step in future,

yes mum , the tearful teenager said in a whisper,

ok, go and get changed for tea,

Maggie (the skinny redhead)

Well your the clever one, her mums first words as the slim redhead entered the kitchen on her return

from school,

I herar your pal got the belt " yes mam, it was awful she was hit really hard she was sobbing her heart


save your sympathy for yourself not that impudent little madam,you are in for the biggest hiding of

your spoit little life, get upstairs now, you may have escaped chastisement at the high school,

but you wont go scott free my fine wee wean,

Maggie trotted up the stairs she didn't dare defy her mother,

she realised she was in foer a torrid time, or at least her bottom was,

her mam plonked her self in the wooden backed chair she held the heavy wooden backed hairbrush in

her right hand, she indicated for her daughter to go across her lap,

oh! mam I'm fifteen not five,  five seconds to get over my knee or I'll take your breeks down,

Maggie did as she was bid,

five minutes later she was lying face down on her bed, sobbing her eyes out, easing down her panties

to let the cool air ease her battered and bruised bottom,


The End.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Married Life? Micks Tale.


It came as a great surprise to me, a shock really to learn that Sandra's sister Brenda had came up with

the plan to snare me as a husband and father to her child, don't get me wrong I'm not saying I was a

great catch,but in those days in a small town, a girl falling pregnant out of wedlock had two choices

get married in a hurry or throw herself in the river,

lets get some background I started dating (or courting as they called it back then) Sandra,in my late

teens, she was my first proper girlfriend, we indulged in heavy petting but hadn't gone all the way,

Sandra came from a strong catholic family,

she was seventeen slim with dark hair,

then I found out she had cheated on me with another lad a bit of a jack the lad and ladies man,

blonde hair like Brian Jones, the girls loved him.

of course Sandra fell pregnant, he didn't want to know laughed in her face,

she was distraught,confided in her older more intelligent sister,

she the scheming little minx came up with the plan to lure me back to Sandra,

she was the one to approach me, her sister was sorry she regretted what she had done,

she wanted me back, I was tempted I still liked Sandra,

but of course I had my male pride, then Brenda's master stroke, as the little madam had hurt me it

was only fair that I hurt her back,I can hardly black her eyes can I,

true I know youre a gentle soul Michael she said quietly, but you can make another part of her

anatomy black and blue,

I was keen, but played my cards close to my chest (or so I thought) Brenda was playing me like a

trout, will she really accept that? I queried,

oh! yes she desperately wants to make amends, ok I agreed we arranged a time and place,

It may seem strange nowadays, bizarre even that a teenage girl, a young woman,

would willingly accept going over a mans lap for a spanking,

but caning and slippering were still endemic in schools and parents were not averse to spanking their


I'll use my hand I said firmly, turning down the offer of a slipper or a hairbrush, thanks Michael she

said in a husky whisper, I preferred to use my hand so I could spank her for longer, drag it out, you

can go over my knee I told Sandra, she nodded eyes downcast,

I sat in the chair she stood at my side I guided her over my knee, her short mini-skirt rode up clear of

her bottom, she was wearing pale blue panties trimmed with white lace,

she gulped as I eased them clear of her bottom,

she was a slim girl with small pert breasts but her bottom was well rounded,

Brenda stood in a corner of the room, arms folded across her ample bosom, a self satisfied glint in her


a smug smirk in place on her plump face,

turning to the task in hand (my bride to be, if only I had known), I began spanking her bare bottom,

she gave little gasps at each hard spank landed on her pale tender bottom, left, right, up, down I

covered all of her bare bottom now turning from pink to red to crimson,

she was sobbing her sobs coming in choking gasps,

she was restless but made no attempt to break free,

I continues spanking Sandra enjoying it, she was paying for her treachery,

she wouldn't sit comfortably for a while.

at last it was over,I'll get along why don't you comfort your girlfriend she said grinning,

her sister gave a mocking round of applause, (the bitch).

part of the plan no doubt,

suddenly Sandra threw her arms around my neck I love you Michael she gasped thru her tears.

my heart went out to her I cuddled her.

I realised she had kicked her panties clear of her ankles,

she pulled her cotton top over her head and undid her bra,she was naked I had never seen her

completely naked she was beautiful,

I flung off my wrangler shirt as she was undoing my belt,we were lying on the bed Before I knew it I

was inside her,she was moaning this time with pleasure I assumed, I fondled her breasts sucking her

nipples, we moved in rhythm, I came in a  gushing rush, I was no longer a virgin but I was fool,

no wonder Brenda was smiking,a conving little madam, she had the pleasure of maninipulating a fool

of a man, the enjoyment of watching her younger prettier sister receive a good hiding, the poor

deluded girl so grateful her big sister had found a way out of her predicament,we were both dancing

to her tune,Sandra and I made love a couple of times more,me getting better at it Sandra lying as

unresponsive as a sack of praties,of course then the bombshell "I'm pregnant "the words no young

man wanted to hear. in those days it meant marriage, it was arranged quickly,

few guests my aunt said a friend of hers would let us use her caravan for a weeks honeymoon,

set above a bay facing the sea it was cold and blowy but we  went for walks and visted the local pubs,

Sandra was much more keen on lovemaking now perhaps the ring on her finger made her more


no longer a silly shop girl not long out of school but a married woman, the baby was born

prematurely (of course) but seemed like a full term baby I heard some of the old crones who had

helped with the home birth remark,

I was allowed to see my daughter, a beautiful little girl,a few strands of soft blonde hair tho both of our

families were dark, but of course all babies have blonde hair at first,

fourteen years later...................

Sharon as her mum named her is now fourteen, she has long blonde hair and blue eyes,

a hint of Brian Jones,

She is a pretty girl, becoming an attractive young woman,

she is dressed in the style of the girls in Whams last Christmas video,

she stands nervously in the lounge of our semi detached house, she is once more in her mums bad

books and that means she is due a spanking from her dad,

her mum stands arms folded across her no longer small or pert breasts,

she has been adamant from the start that I should chastise Sharon, she knows that I suspect,

well in fact that I know Sharon isn't my child, does she secretly think I will  take my spite out on the

teenager, while she watches approvingly,

I sit on the sofa I indicate to my "daughter " to approach and go over my knee,

she knows the drill since she became a teenager she is constantly in hot water,

her thin black trousers are stretched tightly across her small rounded bottom,

I waste no time and begin spanking her bottom hard, I hope that a sound spanking will teach her to

behave and prevent repetition of her bad behaviour so far it hasn't worked,

Sharon is sobbing now her backside will be sore I'm smacking her bottom really hard,

her trousers are thin and I can see the outline of her tiny panties,

my hand cracks down on the centre of my daughters left cheek then the right receives the same,

six spanks per cheek then I concentrate on the lower segment of the teenage schoolgirls bottom,

back to the centre of each buttock,

Sharon squirms, not trying to escape from my lap but just trying to alleviate the pain,

her bottom will be very sore by now, she is sobbing, not pleading she wont give her mum that


I continue spanking the teenagers bottom, striking her thinly protected bottom really hard,

a few spanks higher up her bottom, above the waistband of her panties,

then the final flourish, six resounding smacks to the centre of each cheek.

at last her mum is satisfied, I released the well spanked teenage schoolgirl she flees upstairs to her

room, her face red and tearstained,

later I speak to Sharon. I'm sorry I had to do that I say,  oh! yes I know mum makes you do it,

you could help by behaving your self I say smiling,  she laughs, what ever I do mum will find some

excuse to have me spanked,

c'mon Sharon you know that's not true, you're getting to big to go over my knee, please try and

behave will you.

I continued the parental chastisement until Sharon reached the age of seventeen and told my wife that

was it.

                                       The End.

Monday, 11 June 2018



A teenage schoolgirls plays the wag to meet a lad she fancies.

Two pals are leaving the school canteen.

Yuk! double English, enjoy it,  you'll be there too, and McCurry  has a bone to pick with you,

well I won't be there I'm going fishing down the Wee Burn with Drew,

fishing my foot .

playing the wag more like your mam will kill you if she finds out,


The Wee Burn.

Captured By Ghillies.

Dropping the fishing rod Drew wrapped his arms around the slim dark haired teenager,

they kissed,his hands slid under the hem of her schoolskirt he clasped her pantie clad bottom.

she was wearing lace trimmed thin cotton panties rather than her official school knickers,

suddenly she felt her boyfriend pulled from her arms, she blinked and saw three,four hulking men,

the ghillies who patrolled the rivers looking for poachers,

she saw Drew punched twice by a man twice his size, he fell to the ground and was kicked in the

side, stop leave him be will you, Catriona screamed, Drew gained his feet and disappeared in to the

trees,she was grabbed roughly by her arms poaching are you? aye you'll go to the girls borstal,

they'll teach you manners, please no we weren't fishing, the terrified schoolgirl stuttered,

the rod was just a cover story,if we were spotted the girl gasped, up to know good it seems,

oh!no juat a kiss and a cuddle, well you seem a decent lassie we will deal with you our selves,

she was held by one of the men bent double she felt her skirt raised clear of her bottom oh! their no

 the regulation Girls High Schools knickers they said seeing her lacy panties, wearing them for your

laddies benefit were you. she felt one of her green flash tennis shoes being pulled from her foot,

thwack! she yelped as the shoe made contact with her bottom,and again one of the brutes was

spanking her barely covered bottom with her own shoe she gritted her teeth,and tried not to cry,

at last they stopped smacking her backside she was sore but she would live she had had worse,

she felt her shoes thrust into her hands, "now hop It" she ran as fast as she could soon arriving home,


she dashed to her room, a few minutes later her mum burst thru the door " whats going on why arn't

you at school?"

they were in the small back bedroom she shared with her younger sister.

has something happened at school,

heavens you haven't been assutlted have you,

no mum I'm ok, no your not, I'm your mother I know when there something wrong please don't lie to

me Catriona,

Catriona told her mother what has happened,

well for a start that's one each hand for truanting, oh! mam please, and a spanking for wearing those

fancy panties,

and more spanking for going with that lad I told you to keep away from,

Morag fetch me the tawse and the book please mum told her youngest. Catriona  was mortified

she hadn't had the tawse at school for months

and then only off Miss McKinney who always went easy on the lasses,

Morag returned quickly handed over the dreaded instrument and skedaddled pretty sharpish.

Catrionas mother had given up teaching when she married and regretted it,

tho she doted on her youmger daughter, the bubbly academically bright Morag,

she had always found her eldest  a disappointment, Catriona at times sullen at others hyperactive,

her lack of academic achievement and her propensity for getting into trouble gave her strict and

demanding mother plenty of excuses to administer spankings and regular doses of the tawse,

she knew how to wield a tawse after using it frequently during her teaching career, and belting her

own wee girl meant  she wouldn't have to worry about an angry parent coming to the school to

complain that their little darling had a sore hand,

The pretty teenager was in for a torrid time.

gripping the tawse in her right hand she indicated for Catriona to stand in a suitable space in the tiny


hand she hissed, indicated her daughters left hand,

hold steady and keep that book in place,the dark haired teenager held her hand out the tatty

paperback book covering her wrist,

she looked to the side and squeezed her eyes tight shut,

swish! thwack! she  squealed it was agony, Catriona began sobbing, the bitch was belting her with all

her might,

in a daze she held out her right hand,

swish! thwack! She yelped it was agony Catriona dropped the book to the bedroom floor,

thrust her poor sore hands under  her armpits,

the bitch stood there hands on hips proud of her handy work,

the teenage schoolgirl just wanted to be left alone to recover, but no her mother spoke   "lets see what

your dad has to say"

oh!no please don't tell me da she pleaded, oh! had ya gob will yuh. mum replied dropping her usual

refined accent,

a middle aged man appeared dressed for an afternoon on the golf course.

after listening to his wife's litany of complaints about the behaviour of his eldest daughter,

he had spent the time it took the slim still attractive woman to deliver her tirade tutting and shaking

his head, obviously more annoyed at having to listen to his wifes speech than concerned at his

offspring's misbehaviour,

when she paused for breath, he butted in,

you deal with It will you,  I'm off to my golf, Catriona's dad said and left the room,

"well thanks for your support" mum hissed at his retreating back,

perhaps if I looked like a golf club you would pay me some attention she snarled,

still a shapely and attractive woman she was frustrated by her hubbys lack of interest,

tho Catriona got on well with her father she certainly hadn't wanted to go over his knee for a


but she was now terrified of her mothers temper,

right you, Catriona's dads attitude had enflamed the young mums temper to fever pitch,

take your good skirt  off. good skirt the teenager thought its the hideous knee length  navy blue

pleated school skirt,

she complied quickly unfastening and stepping out of the hated garment, she folded it calmly and

started to hang it over the back of the upright wooden chair,


mum snatched the offending garment flinging it onto Morag's bed,

it lay in a crumpled heap, "If I did that I'd get a row" Catriona blurted out and immediately regretted


Whaaat? you impudent little madam, I'll thrash you black n blue,

you are a complete and utter idiot,

how the hell did I ever birth you? they must have swopped you at the hospital,

a refrain Catriona had heard on many an occasion,

the fact that she and Morag could pass for twins and her resemblance to her parents and cousins

gave the lie to her mothers accusation of a hospital error,

you go over there not your damn skirt, she practically dragged the frightened teenager over the back

of the chair,

head down her hair cascaded to the floor, she gripped the front edge of the seat of the wooden chair,

her shapely bottom was perfectly displayed and her lacy panties offered scant protection from her

tawse wielding mother,

Catriona squealed like a piglet,as the thick leather twin forked tawse struck her barely covered bottom,

her mum raised her arm and brought the tawse crashing down on her teenage daughters pantie clad


left cheek right, cheek she continued spanking the unfortunate girls bottom,

aiming some slashes at the segments of Catriona's bottom left bare by her trendy panties,

the pretty teenager was crying, pleading for mercy,

she could only lie over the back of the chair her mum offered no respite,

continuing to lash the heavy duty leather tawse against her daughter's almost bare bottom,

at last her chastisement was over, her mum surveyed the damage she had wrought to her schoolgirl

teenagers bottom,

mum gave a satisfied smile, lie on yon bed she said pulling the distraught teenager roughly to her

feet  Catriona staggered and managed to fall face down on her bed,

she was in agony,


The Headmistresses Study.

Elspeth had lied to their teacher to cover her pals absence.

and of course was found out.

I am not intending to chastise you myself, I will leave that onerous duty to your mother,

you have lied to a senior teacher and to myself you will complete five hundred lines to be on my desk

by Monday,after assembly,

(what's onerous) she thought, there wasn't a mistress in the girls high school who didn't like belting

the lasses,)

I'll expect those lines on my desk straight after assembly on Monday morning.

and as it will take you most of the weekend to complete the lines I have suggested to your mother that

she doesn't hit you on the hands,

and I would suggest you choose your friends more carefully in future,

your academic standards have slipped badly since you teamed up with Catriona,

I had you marked down as a cert for university, you were one of the last of the lassies I would have

imagined being in my study for a serious breach of discipline,

Miss McStein, will end up working as a shopgirl if shes lucky you can do so much better don't

disappoint your teachers and your parents,

Elspeth Home.

Elspeth arrives home trying to sneak upstairs without being seen, no such luck,

Go to my room and fetch the hairbrush, her mother spoke calmly,

the slim teenager remove her school skirt carefully putting in on a hanger,

"get here now you deceitful little madam"  her mother guided the teenager over her knee,

I'll teach you to lie to your teachers and shame our family,

the plump woman began spanking her teenage daughters bottom,

Elspeth yelped and gasped as the heavy wooded backed hairbrush struck the seat of her navy blue

GHS,  knickers,

the girls mum continued spanking her daughters bottom laying it on hard,

Elspeth was crying sobbing pleading for mercy,

she began to writhe attempting to escape the hairbrush, her bottom was aflame,

her mum momentarily paused,

"Elspeth, if you don't stop struggling and lie still Ill pull down your breeks and tan your bare arse

black and blue"

the slim teenager tried to comply, her mum continued to spank her daughters knicker clad bottom,

getting her second wind she was determined to teach her errant teenager a lesson she wouldn't forget,

she continued spanking the poor girls bottom,

hitting her daughter as hard as she could.

finally she was satisfied, she felt a pang of pity and remorse at the sight of her weans tear stained


the forbidden mascara Elspeth  had applied in the girls cloakroom had run down her face,

red eyes, running nose, the intelligent, sophisticated young woman was reduced to a quivering


she hugged the teenager, here love its over be a good wee lassie in future,

The Girls High School.

Elspeth had decided she would drop Catriona and concentrate  on her studies,

Monday after assembly having handed in her "lines" and apologised for lying to ???

she sought out Catriona, explaining that she would be spending more time studying,

and wouldn't be able to see much of her erstwhile pal." oh! yeah feck of yee daft cow"

Catriona said with a snarl,

Elspeth turned and walked to her next lesson, "yeah feck off you stuck up wee bitch"

shush you daft sod heres McKinney,one of the girls hissed,

Elspeth couldn't help feeling a pang of sorrow when she saw her former pal siting alone in the yard,

the girls in her year were studying for uni or good careeres they didn't want to associate with a trouble


a few girls from second year had hung about Catriona for  a while but so realised they were

just asking for trouble,

she was so lonely she had even approached Drew, Oh! he sneered you want to go with a yella bellied

rat and a lowdown dirty snake now do you?

I've a new lassie now and here she is, Catriona looked up the road whaaat! the lass looked about

twelve ,

as she drew close Catriona recognised her a fouth former a tiny little thing,

her mum was know to be strict about her daughters dress,

she wore a baggy below the knee pleated GHS.skirt and white knee socks oddly her shoes were black

with a large brass effect pirate buckle,

an unruly mass of ginger hair and a face full of freckles no bust to speak of, it was Isla Menzies,

hi Cat she said, linked arms wirth the smirking Drew and reached up to peck his cheek,

she turned for home, Morag her kid sister stood arms folded shaking her head, is it that bad? she said,

just saying hello that's all, yeah sure well I'm going to be your mate from now on,

get home get your glad rags on we're going to the cinema, mums gave me the money,

thanks Morag I'm so glad your my sister, oh don't start greeting you big soft lump,

Catriona left the Girls High School with  a couple of half decent results and obtained a trainee

management position at McBrents department store,

Islas mother found out her daughter was going with the towns bad boy and gave her the mother and

father of a good hiding,

                                                                  The End.

A schoolgirl receives the tawse.

                                       For what yee are about to receive, heaven help yee.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

St. Patricks Day Revellers.

   St. Patricks Day Revellers.

St. Patrick Day revellers in Oz.

This young madam needs her bottom spanked, and so do her pals. my old headmistress would have

been overjoyed to behold this young woman's state of dress, she could only slipper us Grammar

School  girls on our thick cotton briefs and heavy duty bottle green serge skirts,

education authority rules forbid the raising of skirts,

oh what joy for her to be presented with a bare bottom to chastise,,

the sole of her slipper would be red hot, and as for the state of the Sheila's bottom doesn't bare

thinking about.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Ouch! again


Yes I have used that headline before. just received a sound self spanking, and now I'm stating to regret it. 
wearing white cotton panties,tights and a black mini-skirt.
I lashed down as hard as I could, now I'm sore and bruised,
will I ever learn.😭🙍

Sunday, 7 January 2018



Yvonne wakes to a painful morning.

After her severe spanking Yvonne sits at the breakfast table her mum has kindly provided a cushion for her to sit on, her bottom is still sore from last nights spanking administered by her stepdad, she is glad he is out at work, she would be embarrassed to look him in the eye,
its bad enough her gloating mum,
don't pick at your food I spent some time cooking you a proper breakfast,
Yvonne continued to eat tho she didn't feel hungry at all.

she just wanted to hide away in her bedroom spin a few platters, listen to some music, cheer her self up,
normally she would meet friends and go into town do some girly shopping, mebbe take in a film at the big cinema,
or even have a drink, there were plenty bars in the town centre where they could get served,
they had a right laugh,
a couple of Babychams and she's any bodies they joked about one of the lasses,
they even laughed about the time one of them sixteen at the time plastered in make up was dragged out by her mum, having been spotted by a neighbour,
her usual howls of hyena like laughter were cut short as her mum grabbed her by the scruff and dragged her out of the door,
administering a couple of hard smacks to her daughters backside as she left, much to the amusement of the other customers,
she returned to work on the Monday morning ashen faced head down, she hardly spoke,
no make up, hair tied back in a ponytail, her skirt at least three inches longer than her normal office attire,
Yvonne spoke to her in the ladies during their break, are you ok, yeah I suppose so just sore,
my mum didn't half tan my bum when she got me home wooden backed hairbrush on my panties,
really embarrassing over the old witches knee, and she just kept on spanking my poor bottom,
left cheek right cheek she just kept on spanking my bottom, I was crying my eyes out begging for mercy,
my bum was that swollen my knickers wouldn't fit, Yvie had to laugh at that, oh its not funny you rotten cow her friend exclaimed. 
I won't be going to any pubs in the near future,

A similar spanking to that received by Yvonne's friend.

are you listening to me girl her mums voice broke into her reverie,
oh! eh! yes, it doesn't seem like it are you going to town with your pals today?,
no I'll just stop in oh! sulking are you, no I'm not why don't you leave me alone you got what you wanted last night didn't you,
and you got what you deserved and you will be gerrin some more before long I'm warning you,
I'm going shopping wash the breakfast things and tidy up,
mum clashed the door as she left.

Yvonne was glad to be left alone in the house,

she started washing the dishes as instructed by her mum,
true she was a big lassie as her mum had said and she had a big bottom,
but her stepdad was a large powerful man egged on by her gloating mother he had laid it on hard with the heavy piece of wood,
she was wearing her nightie under her dressing gown, no panties, if she went out she would need to don panties, nylon tights and a tight skirt, and she didn't fancy sitting on a hard bar stool even walking was painful,
she had examined her bottom when she rose after a fitful nights sleep,
she could detect individual lines made by the wooden instrument yellow and purple wheals,
but mostly merging into one large bruise covering her whole (large bottom,) it felt incredibly painful she wouldn't sit comfortably for days,
her bottom was like the eye of a lad in class who had a black eye playing rugby,
the girls had found it amusing,
she had cried and wailed during her chastisement, the pain had been awful, but she was still suffering the aftermath, she began sniffling then sobbing, why oh! why did she have to suffer these things,

Yvonne didn't know wether to laugh or cry. her mum had indicated that she would still be getting spanked until she was tewentyone,
best not to cry,
she would be shedding plenty tears if her mum had her way,

                                                              THE END.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Girly Boys. Aftermath.


follow up to the day of the girly boys.

Alma looked extremely nervous, her plump little face pale, she held Johnnys hand tightly.

Alma wore her school uniform, white blouse, blue and gold striped tie, navy blue pleated skirt and

white knee socks,

I was also in my uniform,

we were on the doorstep of a semi detached villa in a quitet middle class area.

we were invited in, I'm so sorry for what happened to Robert, I said as we entered the house,

I feel terrible, so guilty, Alma blurted out. you wer'nt to blame you were only doing what the

headmaster and the head of year told you,

and considering that you are now courting Johnny that tells me that you were kind and considerate to

the lads concerned.

unlike the other girl, I am informed she was a nasty piece of work,

she seemed to enjoy our predicament I said, wanting to help Alma,

tho she has been given the mother and father of a good hiding by her normally doting mother,

Roberts mum said with some vehemence,

and she chopped off that bottle blond mop of hers, and is making her wear the proper school uniform

not that mod gear,

Alma cleared her throat, miss, I mean Mrs. Hemling, my mum hasn't chastised me yet, but she says if

you want to give me a spanking that's fine by her, Alma said this red faced and staring at the carpet,

oh! I see, well little Alma I'm game for that,

she stood up Alma come with me will you, she seemed very stern, I feared for Almas well rounded


the veneer of middle class manners had vanished she was a vengeful mother whos child had been

taken from her in tragic circumstances,

Alma seemed to hesitate,

come upstairs then Roberts mum said quietly but firmly,

 giving me a shy smile Alma followed the tall lady from the room,

the large front bedroom,

Mrs.Hemling sat on the eddge of the bed, indicated for the nervous teenage schoolgirl to approach

and stand by her side,Alma quickly complied,   " skirt" The lady rasped,

Alma gripped the hem of her knee length navy blue schoolskirt, and pulled it clear of her pantie

clad bottom "right you little minx, I'm going to tan your stupid backside black n blue"

she raised her arm and commenced to make good her promise to the unfortunate teenager,

Almas school knickers thin white cotton didn't give much protection from the angry womans hand

she continued spanking poor Almas bottom,

you stupid little common working class bitch she hissed, I'll make you suffer,

the teenage schoolgirl was sobbing, Roberts mum was relentless making sure all of the teenagers

bottom was well spanked,

take that you little trollop I'll teach you, she continued spanking the teenagers bottom as hard as she could,

at last it was over, satisfied she led the sobbing girl down stairs she immediately ran to the arms of

her boyfriend, burying her tearstained face in his chest,

the "other girl" (Melody I had leaned she was called)  and her mum arrived, it was correct her long

Marianne faithful hair chopped off a short schoolgirl crop her mousey roots already showing.

"mod gear"  a thing of the past.crisp white blouse, school tie, navy blue pleated skirt below the knee

white socks and black lace up, completed her unfashionable ensemble,

she's not so attractive without her make up Johnny thought in fact she wasn't attractive at all,

without mascara, no lipstick her lips thin and pale and the lack of make up exposed her terrible

complextion sallow skin pimples and blackheads in profusion,

her nervous hangdog attitude didn't help,

 presumably still suffering the after effects of the good hiding her mum had dished out to the spoilt

little madam,

Ive just finished spanking Alma here Roberts mum told the newcomer,

well you better give this specimen a sound spanking as well,

oh!well if you insist, shall we go upstairs, no do it here your lad suffered in public,

the tenager looked even more disconsolate if that was possible,

Melodys mum spoke, perhaps your husband would like to have first go at her,

oh! um why not Roberts mum said,

Roberts dad showed shock at thia announcement but soon regained his composure,

he had lost a son after all and this common little bitch was partly responsible.

Melodys mum led her daughter across to where Roberts dad was sitting,

I'm left handed,  oh !stand here then her mum said she began hauling her daughters skirt up clear of

melodys bottom, skinny bottom encased in  white  cottomn school briefs,

obviously mum had intidgated changes from head to toe,

she tucked the hem of her teenage daughters skirt in to the waistband,

Lance (apparently that was his name)

being left handed gave the watching audience a view of the schoolgirls bottom,

slap the back of her legs first,her mum said oh!alright he administers three hard smacks to each of the

poor girls bare white legs,

he then commenced spanking melodys bottom,

his large hand spanked each cheek in turn Melody was sobbing quietly she had actually started

weeping before her chastisement started, I could only assume it was all the turmoil she had

experienced in the days since Roberts death,

going from being mammy's spoilt pampered pet, to the dowdy, miserable creature she was now,

then it was Roberts mums turn to spank Melody,

I imagined it would just be one long nightmare for the teenager,

she didn't yelp or screech when Roberts mum landed hard spank after terrifically hard spank

on the teenagers battered and bruised bottom,

just sobbed quietly,

at last it was over, we said our goodbyes,

how are you feeling I asked as we walked down the tree lined avenue,

you mean how's my bum?  ok. I've had worse,

she said grinning,

it started to drizzle as we headed into town nearing the shops we spotted a figure sheltering in a shop


oh! hello Melody, Alma spoke, Hi, she replied in a quavery  voice, eyes red from crying,

she seemed afraid don't worry we won't bite you Alma said,

she began sobbing Alma put her arm around the shivering teenager,

why don't you go home? Alma asked, mum sez I have to stop out till five,

can't you meet up with friends? oh! they are avoiding me since what happened to Ro,  you know.

yes all those who laughed their heads off when we went on stage, I butted in,

and they don't want to be seen with me dressed like this, there so mod, my old mates,

well your welcome to come to my house have a cuppa,

listen to my square record collection, Englebert, Mario lanza, Ken Dodd alma said laughing,

oh! I've seen you at the dance, I think your a lot more mod than that Melody said a hint of a smile,

probably her first for days,

kettle on mum, Alma shouted as we entered her house, I was surprised at Almas casual attitude to her

alleged tarter of a mum,

tho I guessed they couldn't be daggers drawn all of the time,

we sat and nibbled our choccy biccys,

you're mum doesn't seem to bad, I whispered, but Almas mum must have supersonic ears ,

surprised I  wasn't on the door step strap in hand,

oh I'm sorry I didn't mean, oh leave it alone son she said laughing,

Almas been punished when she deserves it but I've never used a belt or a strap,

she has an over active imagination in that daft little head of hers,

Alma had the grace to look sheepish staring at the floor,

I told Melody we were going to listen to records, Alma said glad to change the subject,

go on then and keep it down, and leave the bedroom door open,

wouldn't it be quieter with the door closed, I ventures both girls looked at each other and rolled their eyes,

lads what do they know melody said,

its in case you and Alma start canoodling,  oh! I said blushing,

so it seemed the outcast Melody had joined our little gang,

I met up with a couple of my friends (those that stayed loyal after my appearance on stage)

I see you've got that Melody in tow one remarked, looks a right rat bag nowadays, he concluded,

oh she not that bad, the other one said, fancy her then?  she's ok, better make your move then,

before she goes all mod again,

so he did plucked up the courage to ask Melody for a date. yes please,that would be nice but I must

ask my mum, she said shyly.

mum a lad has asked me out can I go? Melody asked her mum, oh who is it oh! its ....... he's a friend

of Almas lad,

her mum seemed willing to allow Melody,'s request, well I'm pleased you've asked me,

where would this date be, at the church hall dance next Friday well that's a week away,

I want him to pick you up from here, so I can get a look at him,

oh there's one condition, yes mum what's that?   you take a spanking before you go out just to remind

you to behave,


(for now)