Friday, 24 February 2017


A Caning For Shelagh.

The pretty teenagers inability to keep out of trouble lands her in hot water.

NO! NO! NO!  Shelagh's pale face was red, not dad, no not that please,

she was begging pleading, not the sullen rebel but a scared young woman,

not far off tears,

sit down Shelagh, mum indicated the single bed, Shelagh sat for once obeying her mum with out a

protracted argument,

Shelagh you know you deserve chastisement and I'm not going to wait two weeks until I get this sling

off, she indicated her wrist,

her teenage daughter was not far off tears,

it was not uncommon for fathers to punish their daughters, tho mum didn't agree with men hitting

teenage girls,

you know your dad loves you to bits he is only agreeing to cane you at my behest,

it will only be six on your bottom, on your skirt it will be over in seconds,

Oh! I suppose so,

that's good Shelagh I appreciate you accepting your punishment,

where's dad? the pretty dark haired girl asked, he's gone to the garden shed to select a cane,

 a nice thick heavy one,

I hope it hasn't got soil on it Shelagh said sullenly,

don't be silly,

Kathy and Jeff had agreed a heavy cane that bruised more would be better than a thin swishy one,

a tentative knock on the door, oh come in Jeff ,  Kathy said,

the tall slim sandy haired man entered the small bedroom, ha carried the bamboo cane,

the schoolgirl gulped it was actually happening,

he avoided looking at his daughter,

without more ado, Kathy indicated the wooden upright chair.

to scared now to disobey or make some sarcastic remark Shelagh quickly draped herself over the

back of the chair, palms of her small pale hands on the seat of the chair,

for a slimly built young woman she had a surprisingly well rounded bottom,

and a soon to be a very sore one,

her navy blue school skirt was tightly stretched over her teenage bottom,

mum stood by ready to hold down her daughter if she tried to jump up,

Jeff had a lump in his throat, his first born short and dark haired,

so much like his wife when they first met,

he steeled himself, gripping the bamboo rod tightly he raised his arm and took aim there was a

terrific crack as the cane hit Shelagh's bottom,

Kathy flinched, she was surprised how hard her husband hat hit Shelagh,

and even more surprised that the girls only response had been a low moan,

thwack! once more the tall fair haired man brought the cane down on to his daughters bottom,

swish! a third terrifically hard stroke to his daughters bottom,

the teenager yelped,

a high pitched squeal as the bamboo rod once more struck the seat of her tightly stretched school


the pretty dark haired teenager was grinding her toes into the carpet, sobbing softly,

she yelped as the cane struck her proffered bottom for the fifth time,

adjusting his stance,

the all fair-haired man raised the cane high and smashed it down on the thin material of his teenage

daughters school skirt,

this savage blow elicited a scream of pain from the pretty schoolgirl,

he nodded grimly to his wife and left the small bedroom,

mum took her distraught daughter in her arms, normally the sullen teenager would spurn any sign of

maternal affection from her mum, but in her distressed state, she welcomed her mums loving arms,

still holding the sobbing teenager, she heard the back door looking out she saw her husband stride in

to the narrow back garden he flung the cane as far as he could it landed in the privet hedge,

with a shaking hand he lit a cigarette, taking a long pull on the white tube,

here lie on the bed love, mum said in a soft voice,

gently leading her chastised and chastened daughter to the small single bed,

she gently laid the sobbing teenager face down, "shall I help you undress?  no mum just leave me.

 Shelagh said thru her gasping sobs, she thrust her tear streaked face into the pillow,

she was sobbing quietly as mum left the small back bedroom,

The End.

Sunday, 1 January 2017



I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year, hope you all get your hearts desire,

and that all you lovely ladies who squeeze into your old school uniforms,

blouses stretched tightly over firm breasts, stripy tie fastened loosely,

your official school skirt clinging tightly to your curves, hemline indecently short,

in contravention of uniform regulations,

well I hope that your naughty bottoms get the sound spanking they richly deserve,

A lovely lady in her uniform,

it still fits nicely. 

(image from flickr)

Friday, 16 December 2016




Kitty get in here now, I'm just about sick of this, what now the teenager said sullenly,

you are in more trouble at work, that's what this letter is concerning,

Mrs. Owens, oh her, kitty snorted in derision, don't worry gel you'll sing a different tune shortly.

when I'm through with you,

I'll read this letter just listen will you,

kitty lolled on the sofa not bothered that her extremely short mini-dress rode up displayed her panties

you could discern the blue colour thru her fashionable white tights,

her kid sister sat next to her making sure her checked mini -skirt was tugged down, and her knees


at least one of you knows how a lady should sit,

get on with it please Kitty drawled feigning a yawn. Molly was surprised mum let this go, she had a

feeling her clever clogs sister, was riding for a fall,

and it could be a very painful one,

since leaving school and obtaining a position in an upmarket departmental store,

Kitty's behaviour had worsened considerably,

she was openly contemptuous of her mother,

mum read the letter,.....

Dear Mrs. Mc.Ilvaney.

                                    I am very sorry that I have occasion to write to you again regarding

                                    the behaviour of your daughter Kitty,

                                    tho we always make allowances for the natural exuberance of our

                                    school leavers, I am afraid despite numerous warnings Kitty's behaviour

                                    has worsens if anything,

                                    I would hate to see a young girl with your daughters potential lose

                                    her job,

                                    as you are aware we ignored the fact that Kitty's academic record was

                                    less than we normally expect of our junior sales assistants,

                                    we took into account Kitty's bubbly outgoing personality and obvious


                                    therefore I hope you can speak to your daughter about this matter

                                    I look forward to Kitty having a long and successful career at Brentwoods.

                                                                                                                             Yours Nancy Kelly.

                            Molly"! mum spoke sharply, fetch the strap from the airing cupboard please,

not the strop she added,

Molly paled, mum wasn't going to use the strap on her teenage daughter, 

she unhooked the thick brown leather belt from the nail,

kitty was visibly shocked, since she had left school her mum had refrained from spanking her,

was she now to face her comeuppance,

mum you can't hit me with that she said a catch in her voice,

upstairs now mum hissed, Kitty complied with alacrity,

take that upstairs Molly, mum said briskly, please mum not the belt, don't back chat me Molly,

do as I tell you, we don't need any more teenage rebels in this family,

Molly ran up stairs to the bedroom she shared with her big sister,

I begged mum not to hit you she said, her sisters eyes were on the belt she held loosely in her right

hand, I know moll  thanks but I've brought it on myself, you have indeed, mum said as she strode into

the room,

Molly sit she indicated the single bed

her youngest did as she was told, still holding the leather belt,

you she addressed kitty put that chair there she indicated a spot on the floor,

stand there she pointed to a position behind the chair,

I'm not wasting any more breath talking to you, I'm going to do what I should have done weeks ago,

bend over and grip the front of the seat,

Kitty obeyed affording her sister a view of her pantie clad bottom,

lets get these stupid things off, she gripped the waistband of her daughter's fashionable tights and

yanked them down to the teenager feet,

Molly please she held her hand out, Molly held out the belt, mum folded it in half hefting it a couple

of times  right Kitty don't move understand, yes mum, a muffled tearful reply,

thwack!  arrrrgggghhh! Kitty yelped, Mum lashed the belt down a second time landing on the centre

of her daughters well rounded bottom, Kitty squealed thwack! again the folded belt stuck her pantie

clad bottom, and again  until the teenage rebel had received six terrific spanks with the belt, she was

surprised her daughter, had remained in position, she would have been out the door after three,

her rebellious teenager was obviously made of sterner stuff,

she adjusted her stance aimed for the left cheek rather than the whole of Kitty's bottom as she had

with the first six,

connecting with the area of skin left bare by the skimpy panties, eliciting a high pitched scream,

she'd felt that one alright mum thought, 

she prepared to administer the same treatment to the right buttock,

mum I feel sick her youngest suddenly cried she looked ashen, quick run to the bathroom then go

down stairs and watch telly, turn it up loud she said laughing,

she turned once more to kitty, her teenage daughter was sobbing loudly,

she lashed the belt down on the exposed area of bare skin,

another shriek of pain from her daughter,

Kitty was sobbing, moaning, snatches of words, please, mum, sorry, no, no, mum please,

I haven't finished with you by a long chalk my girl, mum mutter aloud,

dragging the sobbing young woman off the chair she laid  Kitty face down on the bed,

she then began lashing the leather belt down on her daughters bottom, not stopping until she had

dished out ten or twelve ferocious whacks,

her daughters face in the pillow muffled her increasingly desperate cries for mercy,

I'll put a stop to her wearing these indecent skirts she thought and lashed the belt down repeatedly on

the back of her daughters bare thighs, the shrieks could be heard not only next door but in the next


she was in a frenzy, preparing to commence once more on Kitty's bottom,

she felt a tug on her cardigan sleeve, mum, mum, please the neighbours are knocking,

banging the wall, they're ringing the police,

she looked at her daughters tearful little face, oh ok go and put the kettle on,

she stood in the doorway and surveyed her daughters legs her backside would be ten times worse

she was satisfied with her nights work,

she savoured her cuppa, the neighbours must have knocked hard she said staring at young Molly,

oh! um yes they did, Molly stammered, yes very hard indeed, considering they're spending a weekend

at the coast,

Molly hung her head blushing, unlike her elder sister lying didn't come easily,

normally lying to me would earn you a spanking, standing she pulled Molly to her feet and landed a

terrific spank on her daughters mini-skirted bottom,

but under the circumstances I'll let that suffice, now refill our teacups please,

we can watch the late film together you'll get no sleep while she is moaning and groaning,

she nodded at the ceiling.



Mrs.Kellys office  Monday morning,

did your mum speak to you? speak! she took my dads old leather belt to my backside,

oh I'm sorry to hear that,  no I'm not she thought I hope she thrashed the impudent little madam,

so  you're  going to be a good little girl from now on?  yes miss, the teenager replied,

I'm sorry you got into trouble, well I brought it on my self I've learnt a bitter lesson,

Kitty said quietly,

go and report to miss delgatty,she will decide what counter you can be on to day,

oh! shes back thought you was sacked ? no last warning,whats the long skirt cat died,

no its to cover the bruises, bruises? yes my mum took the belt to my backside and the back of my legs,

so you can laugh at me if you want,  well cant blame your mum youvre been a right cow,

a proper little madam,

well from today I'm the best behaved lass in the shop,

Kitty can you come with me please,  third floor one of the girls called as they walked away,

they've got some new leather belts in the mens department,

now, now girls that's enough,  Miss Delgatty said grinning.

Monday, 5 December 2016




                                         A LESSON FOR LUCIA.                                     

A mum disciplines her teenage daughter.


the slim teenagers bottom was still sore, as she pulled on her white cotton briefs and stepped in to the

hated knee length navy blue school skirt,

after the terrific spanking she had received on Sunday evening she was not going to defy her mum,

crisp white blouse, stripey tie, white knee socks and stout black lace ups completed her unfashionable



What's the hullabaloo? the deputy headmistress asked the headmistress, oh! its Sonia  McKinnon,

her mums sent her to school in a knee length skirt,

and the mini-skirters find it hilarious,

well more power to Mrs Mckinnon the deputy said, the way some of the fourth formers dress is


well we could try and enforce the uniform code, how did you manage at your last school, oh we had a

 basic uniform skirt blouse and tie, it was a very poor area and as long as they made an effort,

we were happy,

we helped out from school funds if one of the mums was struggling to afford a skirt or what

have you,

the few  better off parents would donate some really decent clobber which we could dish out,

what about discipline well the rules were the same as here, girls could be smacked by hand on

the back of the their bare legs or their clothed bottom or slippered on their bottoms,

the cane was held as a last resort,

this to be carried out in private by a senior female teacher,

its time we took back control of the school the headmistress said determinedly,

I'm going to send out a letter telling, reminding  the parents of the uniform, navy blue knee length

skirt, white blouse school tie and white knee socks, and black lace ups don't forget,

it can commence at the start of the new term,

the letter was sent out also underlining that failure to adhere to the uniform code could result in girls

being subject to corporal punishment, the parameters were laid out as the deputy had related to the



the trendy mod schoolgirls were shocked, well they can stuff that for a game of soldiers was a

common cry,

the parents as a whole were in agreement, just do as you're told was the frequent comment,

a group of fourth formers had got together, " we won't follow wot no daft rules say" they agreed,

on Monday after half term ninety five per cent of the schoolgirls had adhered to the correct uniform,

on Tuesday morning the five girls still wearing extremely short mini-skirts were called to the

deputy's study,

look girls I realise you like to be fashionable, but please follow the school uniform rules,

out of school you can dress as your mums allow and you will be leaving soon,

why blot your copy books,

one of the girls suddenly blurted out "I'm sorry miss I'll wear a longer skirt tomorrow"

me too miss two of the others chorused,

they were given a venomous look by Lucia the ring leader, ok you three, back to your classes,

well you two, Belinda was to afraid to upset her best pal, she remained silent,

I will see you both tomorrow then she dismissed them,

to be honest Belinda felt uneasy being one of a handful wearing really short skirts,

next morning, Belinda had already told Lucia that she was going to conform, "my mums been


 at me about it, I don't want my dads belt on my backside, the beast gave me three whacks on the

back of my legs last year and it killed", that's ok thanks for coming this far with me,

Lucia said grinning ruefully,

well girls? miss I'm going to wear longer skirts from Monday if that's ok, yes it is Belinda I'm glad

you've seen sense,

but the deputy interjected you are still due punishment for your defiance so far,

she tapped a large plimsoll on the palm of her left hand, the pretty teenager gulped at the sight,

but managed to speak, yes miss Belinda said,

the head-mistress was surprised at the announcement of the schoolgirls impending slippering,

but didn't want to undermine her colleague,

bend over the desk Belinda" the Deputy Headmistress ordered the nervous schoolgirl,

she quickly complied, wanting to get it over with and get out of the heads study as soon as she could,

she bent over the desk her panties on display, thwack! thwack! six hard whacks with the gym shoe,

the plump teenager yelped with shock and pain. stand up she was crying, sobbing softly her bottom

was on fire she hadn't realised a slippering could be so bad,

Belinda go and freshen up in the cloakroom then return to your class, yes miss she said thru her


Lucia go to your class we will meet here on Monday morning to discuss what to do with you,

yes miss the slim attractive dark haired teenager said quietly,

well I don't know what to do? I don't want to expel a girl of such potential, oh! don't worry head' I'll

give her a dose of the cane on  Monday she'll soon conform,

well I hope so ,


Well Lucia, you're here again and still disobeying uniform regulations, the headmistress intoned,

 the slim dark haired schoolgirl mealy shrugged,head bowed she stared at the carpet,

her white blouse was undone at the top button, no tie and her usual micro mini-skirt,

bare legged and wearing oxblood sandals,

Lucia your one of the nicest girls in the school, intelligent,  one of the few from this school who will

be doing A.levels,

why oh why can't  you just follow the rules? why you say I'm good at the work so who cares what I


Lucia you must learn that in life one can't do as one pleases,

we have contacted your mum she has consented to you receiving corporal punishment in fact she

strongly approves, huh! she would the teenage schoolgirl said sullenly.

therefore you will receive twelve strokes of the cane on your bottom, the deputy headmistress


the slim teenager blanched at the severity of her proposed punishment, she bit her lower lip and held

back a tear it was so unfair she was a model pupil, did all the work required and handed in homework

on time, why couldn't the old bats leave her be,

the long bamboo cane had been produced freed from its cupboard, where it had languished in the

dark, unused, un-needed,

at last a schoolgirl bottom to lash, it would think to its self if it had a spirit, a personality,

the deputy head removed her cardigan and began rolling up her right sleeve,

Lucia was terrified, she knew even if she agreed at this late juncture she would still be punished as

had been Belinda,

no escape she would have to swallow her medicine and very unpalatable it was indeed,

oh! why  hadn't she backed down with her friend and taken a slippering,

here girl the headmistress gently guided the terrified young woman towards the oak desk.

 a space cleared,

guiding her into position, bent at the waist, fingers gripping the far edge of the highly polished wood,

her extremely short mini-skirt ridden up to expose her pantie clad bottom,

tiny lace trimmed panties didn't cover much of the teenagers well rounded bottom,

she flinched as she heard the swish of the deputy headmistress making a practice stroke,

get ready girl, the deputy headmistress'  harsh voice,

swish! thwack !ouch! the first stroke landed on the young woman's

barely covered bottom,

Lucia shrieked, that hurt much, much more than she had imagined,

swish! crack, the second stroke landed on the pretty teenagers bottom clad in her skimpy lingerie.

she yelped at the pain, how could she take twelve strokes?

thwack! again the bamboo rod cut into her tender teenage flesh,

swish! thwack! arrrggghhh! the girl could only utter guttural sounds the pain was unimaginable,

tears flowed from her eyes,

she realised she was being gently but firmly held down, the headmistress she assumed,

ouch! another agonising slash with the cane,

she felt as if her bottom was being cut in half,

the deputy head aimed lower catching a goodly amount of bare skin,

Lucia squirmed, grinding her feet into the carpet, only causing her tiny panties to slide further into

her cleft leaving even more of her shapely bottom bare,

the woman wielding the cane smiled at the sight of the red lines already visible on the teenage

schoolgirls almost bare bottom,

she would have a collection of yellow and purple bruises by the morning, she wouldn't sit

comfortably for some time,

every time her bottom made contact with the hard wooden chairs in the classroom she would reflect

on her fool hardy disregard for school discipline,


at last the teenagers ordeal was over,

the headmistress helped the attractive young woman to her feet, she was shivering like a leaf,

tears fell from her red eyes, she could only gasp for air between her sobs, her nose was running,

her pretty face contorted with pain,

the deputy headmistress smiled at the sight of the once proud, confident teenage schoolgirl,

she enjoyed the sight of the ugly red weal's crisscrossing the almost bare bottom of the once arrogant

little madam, her ridiculous tiny skirt still rucked up around her waist,

"lets call an assembly and parade her in front of the girls as an example" the deputy head said,

lets not the, headmistress said firmly "all of the girls are following then correct uniform rules,

I'll take her home she can report back on Monday"

yes headmistress the disappointed deputy replied,

she had wanted to completely humiliate the little bitch.

The End.

PS.  On the following Monday Lucia returned to school wearing a white blouse her school tie neatly


a knee length navy blue skirt, white knee socks and black lace up shoes,

she had tied her long blonde hair in a ponytail,

she was pale and withdrawn, only exchanging a few quiet words with her best pal Belinda,

she gingerly eased her bottom on to the hard wooden seat of her school desk,

Belinda gave her hand a squeeze beneath the desk,

the rebellion was over.

she stood shalikilly sobbing her heart out tears flowed from her reddened eyes,

we an call an assembly of all the girls in the hall and parade Lucia in front of them on the stage as an


no! replied the headmistress at last she displayed some authority,

I'll drive her home she can report to me on Monday morning,

Friday, 25 November 2016

its a spanking for runaway,


Its a spanking for runaway.

The runaway schoolgirl,

Gabrille is home safe and sound, but nursing a very sore bottom after her relieved but angry mum put

her over her knee for a real old fashioned spanking,

the runaway teenage schoolgirl. was  shocked to be told she was going over her mums knee for

a real old fashioned spanking,

how's your bottom? oh you're the saucy one, ha well I'm still feeling sore, mum didn't arf tan my

ar., um bottom, slipper? oh no she used her cast iron hand,

will you meet Gavin when he's released, Christ no that's so yesterday she laughed,

when are you back at school?

school.ha she laughed I'm done with that tosh! kids stuff,

I've got me an agent he's gonna get me telly work,

reality stuff, mebbe towie,  your from kent so what, big deal what do they know up north,

a spread in a lads mag, tasteful not porn,

start off in my school uniform,then strip down to my panties,

topless? why not?

even mum goes topless on the beach and she has crap tits,

the well endowed teenager said grinning, they reckon I take after my nana she was well stacked,

not that granddad ever seen her with her nightie off, she sniggered,

Gabrielle was not paid for this interview.


A Moment Of Madness.

a young woman's mistake costs her a great deal of pain.

Can you stop back. Sandra I need a word with you, oh! ok Mrs. Stone,

an appointment was made.

dressed in a knee length skirt and short matching jacket, Sandra rang the bell and gave a shudder
twenty-five years of age married with two nippers and she was about to have her bottom smacked,

Mrs. Cullan ushered her in, a nice middle class home on a good estate, detached as well,

Sandra was surprised to see another woman standing in the tastefully decorated lounge,

a glass of wine in her hand,

 "so this is the naughty gel who had her hand in the till, we will have to teach her a lesson,

she stated in a cut glass accent,

Sandra was growing more apprehensive by the minute, well lets get this unpleasant business over and

done with shall we,Mrs. Cullan said.

take off your jacket and skirt please she said quietly,

the young housewife and mother obeyed quickly, she felt extremely venerable standing in her cream

blouse and lacy panties, her slim legs were lightly tanned,

I propose to spank you with the hairbrush on your panties then you will get it on the bare,

do you understand, yes miss  Sandra stammered in a husky voice, "ha! your not a schoolgel" the posh

 bitch sneered laughing,

"bend over here please Sandra" Mrs. Cullan said politely,

Sandra did as she was directed bending over the back of the dining room chair,

gripping the front of the seat with both hands,

she felt even more vulnerable in this position, her small white cotton panties would offer scant

protection from the heavy wooden backed hairbrush her office manager was wielding, with some

degree of relish,

"get ready Sandra" her employer spoke sharply,

ouch! the heavy wooden backed hairbrush smacked against the soft yielding flesh of Sandra left


smack! the right cheek received the same treatment, Sandra gasped,

the thin tightly stretched cotton panties offered the young wife scant protection,

she was shocked at how much it hurt, she had been in junior school the last time she could remember

her mum smacking the back of her legs,

corporal punishment was not used at her grammar school,

this was unknown territory for the young working mum,

she squealed as the hairbrush once more struck her buttocks, Mrs. Cullan was continuing to alternate

spanking each of the young admin assistants cheeks in turn,

Sandra began to sob tears flowing from her eyes, she wanted to jump up and run home but she

steeled her self to remain bent over the chair,

she gripped the edge of the chair seat till he fingers ached,

ouch!  argh! that was seven and eight, her bottom was on fire,

she had to think of her hubby and her child not lose her job she had to take what ever was dished out,

she yelped as yet more terrifically hard spanks landed on her already bruised bottom,

at last it was over at least thirty spanks fifteen per cheek, she wouldn't sit for days,

here put that on she thrust an apron in to Sandra's hands she obeyed pulling the flowery patterned

apron over her head,

she was crying unashamedly,

can you serve our meal please Sandra Mrs Cullan said not unkindly,

yes Mrs. Cullan, Sandra said thru her tears, she quickly served the prepare meal to the two older

women, after desert can you wash the dishes and tidy the kitchen,

yes of course, Sandra replied happy to be doing some domestic work, restoring her sense of


I'm done Mrs. S. Sandra called out her voice husky, " yes dear come back thru, take of your pinny"

she said laughing Sandra quickly removed the apron,

right lets get this over and done with she said firmly.

she indicated her friend who was sitting in the upright dining room chair,

"come here girl" Fiona hissed in her posh accent Sandra approached only at the last minute she

realised she was to go over the posh bitches knee,

oh no! Sandra gasped the enormity of her humiliation dawning on her "hurry up Sandy we haven't got

all night! Fiona hissed, she quickly complied allowing her self to be drawn over the older woman's


ouch! Fiona wasted no time she began spanking the back of Sandra's legs from just below her bottom

to her knees,

it was agony she certainly knew how to spank, at last it was over Sandra was sobbing, tears pouring

from her red eyes,

this was pain on a whole new level to what had gone before,

oh! no, she felt long bony fingers in the waistband of her skimpy panties,

they has said bare but weren't her panties small enough as it was, quickly pulled clear of her already

sore bottom,

Fiona immediately started to spank the young mums bare bottom,

at least she was using her hand,

Sandra could only gasp and dry sob, her tears all used up,

her already sore bottom was on fire it was awful. at last her ordeal was over,

she felt her scantys roughly pulled up over her extremely sore bottom,

pulled to her feet she was propelled thru the lounge and out of the front door,

her shoes, skirt and jacket thrust into her arms,

the door slammed shut, thru her reddened eyes she glanced around trees and shrubs prevented

anyone in the street seeing her, she had the presence of mind to quickly step into her skirt,

shuffle into her shoes and start walking home, every step was agony,

at last she reached home,

she would not forget this evening,



Tuesday, 21 June 2016




Further to Johnny's

tale which I related recently I have found some photos which illustrate the story,

to recap Johnny helped his poor mum out by chastising his teenage sister for wearing such short

minis that her panties were on permanent display,

not exactly the same as Jasmines spanking but interesting enough,

The young lady is bent over the arm of the sofa rather than the bed in Johnnys tale,

and substitute bottle green for the young woman's fetching maroon,

the same chubby bottom and thighs, tho Jasmines skirt barely covered her bottom when she stood up

the alleged reason for her chastisement if I recall,

(a likely story the kinky devil just wanted an excuse to spank some teenage ass.)K,

More photos.

Same model same pose, different outfit,(hope she was well paid)

 what a backside and she hasn't changed in the intervening decades, (Johnny's sister I mean not the

actress)  the delightful young lady has a bottom to die for, and a bottom just crying out to be spanked,
this is a great late sixties/early seventies image. 
there are credits on some of the photos.