Wednesday, 13 November 2019



She was in good shape for her early fifties,could easily pass for late twenties or early thirties,

swimming, tennis and regular rounds of golf kept her fit, pale skinned despite a recent Caribbean

holiday. in the master bedroom she dressed quickly,

a black bra with white lace trim, matching satiney panties, a black suspender belt she attached black

opaque stockings, she took a navy blue knee length dress from the bedroom wardrobe quickly pulled

it over her head she smoothed  down her short ash blonde hair,

he strode into the room  he stood over six foot tall, close cropped steel grey hair, plain white T-shirt,

black tracksuit bottoms bare footed,

get that dress off he snapped she reached back felt for the zipper realised she had only pulled it up

halfway in her hurry to dress, she hung her dress on a hanger mean while  he had placed the upright

dining room chair in the space between the bed and the dressing table,

he sat and let his eyes take in her sexy lingerie, very nice my dear he hissed, get here now,

he indicated a spot by his side she approached him gingerly,

you know what we are here for? yes she whispered her voice husky, he took hold of her upper arm,

gently guiding her over his knee, juggling her into position satisfied he raised his right arm and

brought the palm of his right hand smartly down on the centre of her right cheek she gasped,

at the shock of the first spank, he quickly repeated his action smacking her left cheek it stung thru the

satiney material of her panties, getting into his rhythm he launched a salvo of hard spanks to the

centre of her pantie clad bottom,

after a dozen hard spanks to the centre of each of her curvaceous  bottom cheeks,

he paused, lets lose the panties shall we, it was a rhetorical question, he hooked two nicotine stained

fingers into the waistband of her sexy underwear, easing the silky garment clear of her well rounded

bottom, two milky white orbs with a splash of red in the centre of each cheek, "right it's time you

were taught a lesson you won't forget in a hurry" he snarled before crashing his calloused palm down

on to her unprotected bottom, a loud crack echoed around the master bedroom,

she yelped he was spanking her bare bottom much harder than the mild smacks he had landed on the

seat of  her black lacy panties, her chastisement had started in earnest, her poor bare bottom was in

for a torrid time,

A Mature Lady Receives A Spanking Similar To Mollies. 

smack!  thwack! his hand beat out a rapid tattoo as he spanked her bare bottom as hard as he could

showing no mercy. he was a large powerfully built man still possessing the strength of a much

younger man,

he had the patience and guile to mete out an exemplify chastisement, taking his time he smacked his

palm down on her naked bottom, pausing momentarily then unleashing another stinging spank,

Mollie was undergoing the spanking from Hell (and by the time he had finished with her, her bottom

would be as hot as Hades,)

Giles preferred hand spanking rather than slipper or hairbrush so he could drag it out,  she was on the

receiving end of the worst bare bottom hand spanking there was,

he liked her over his knee like a naughty teenager, he loved the undignified position she was in face

almost touching the bedroom  carpet, a grown adult a wife and mother, made to dress in sexy lingerie

like some cheap tart, oh yes he loved to humiliate her, all she had ever done was show him respect,

she had bore him three children, been a good wife and mother, one Sunday afternoon she had dressed

as a teenage schoolgirl and bent over the desk in his study, let him give her six of the best, with a

bamboo cane, she told him hit me as hard as you like "I'm a naughty girl" he had obliged lashing the

heavy duty school cane down on the seat of her navy blue school skirt,   painful but over in minutes,

but no he wanted the long drawn out spanking sessions,

and what Giles wanted Giles got,

she had an aching back from being in this position for so long,  toes scrabbling  into the thick pile of

the bedroom carpet, calves cramping,

she was an intelligent educated woman with a responsible job, only a few days ago she had occasion

to reprimand two giggly girls, junior members of her team, oh how they would laugh now to see her

over her husbands knee bare bottom glowing red like a sunset, tears flowing from her sobbing eyes,

nose running, gasping like a fish out of water,

smack!  aroused from her reverie, Giles was increasing the frequency and force of his spanks,

it must be near the end suddenly she felt her limp body being half dragged half  carried to the bed

laying her face down he entered her, sliding quickly in to her moist wetness,

she climaxed quickly she felt him unloosen her bra, he turned her on to her straddling her he entered

her wetness thrusting hard,  yes, yes she moaned oh yes please he increased the speed and the

intensity of his thrusts, she came again crashing down in waves, at last she was spent,

perhaps a spanking wasn't so bad after all.



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